Bamboo Toothbrush with Replaceable Heads Multi-Packs
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Bamboo Toothbrush with Replaceable Heads Multi-Packs

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Reusable and less waste, but needs improvement

The toothbrush and handle come apart and I am always having to push it back in. Maybe something with wooden grooves to screw on would keep it in place better. I may need to go back to using compostable brushes with charcoal bristles

Quinn S
Awesome toothbrushes!

4.5/5 - I absolutely LOVE these toothbrushes! The bristles are sooo soft, and because they come apart, they are the perfect travel toothbrush, which is great since I have Invisalign and need to brush my teeth everywhere I go. My one complaint is that the edges of the toothbrush head are a little sharp, so they can scrape your mouth if you have a small mouth like me. If they were a little more curved on the side (instead of flat), they'd be perfect.

Valerie Sellers
Good if you have straight enough teeth

I love the toothbrush but to be honest I went through years of braces, elastics, retainers, and wires to correct some gnarly stuff. Now my teeth are almost unnaturally straight so it's not a great barometer to compare toothbrushes. My partner finds it too small and says there's not enough bristles along the length of the toothbrush head. Tastes like wood, which is not bad.

vicky s campbell

Seems like a good toothbrush, I’m still getting used to the wood taste and it is very easy to switch heads( a plus) and the NO plastic aspect is tremendous!
I’ve used mine for a couple of weeks and have had to remove two bristles that seemed to work loose🤔 overall a win win product!

Barbara Davis
Bamboo Toothbrushes

I LOVE my new toothbrush! The bristles are firm enough to get the gunk off my teeth, but gentle enough to massage my gums without making them bleed. I love the idea that I can just replace the head as well. They are also nicely compact for travel. :)

Your Toothbrush | Our Planet

Introducing the one & only etee Bamboo Toothbrush with a Replaceable Head! Hold up - WHAT!?! It's true. The paparazzi can't get enough of these beauties and  they're a SERIOUS hot commodity around here.

Each toothbrush consists of 2 (fully assembled) parts - first you've got your rounded toothbrush handle, whose base is dipped in water-based paint (the paint helps to protect from any water damage that you get at the base of other bamboo toothbrushes.) Added to that is the detachable toothbrush head with 100% plant-based bristles. The total length of the toothbrush is 7.5". Hooray!

The rounded toothbrush handle is made of FSC certified bamboo and the bristles are made from castor bean oil, which is the most eco-friendly alternative on the market today - double hooray!

Plastic Free Club means Added Value  | In our retail shop, each toothbrush would cost $5 a piece, but by bundling them together we can offer our Plastic Free Club members a discount of over 20%.  Wowsers - plastic-free brushing never looked so good!

What else is in my toothbrush?

A metal staple is used to clamp the the plant-based bristles into the brush, keeping them from falling out when you're brushing your chiclets! It's a normal part of a toothbrush, and even plastic ones have staples in them too! When you're ready to replace your toothbrush head (dentists suggest every 3 months), simply replace with a new head and keep the handle.  To compost the used bamboo head, you can remove the bristles from the head using a pair of pliers, which will also remove the staple.  The bristles are not yet biodegradable, but fear not, we're working on a solution!