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Dental Care Kit Non-Fluoride
Dental Care Kit Non-Fluoride
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Dental Care Kit Non-Fluoride

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Karina Cortes
Perfect Pack

Everything I need to get started with a making my dental care plastic free! Everything works great too!

Isabel Z
Dental Care Kit Non-Fluoride

I like to have the possibility of buying a bundle with many products. Great idea, thank you.

A kit of essentials to keep those teeth & gums happy!

This bundle is perfect for one, two or four sets of happy teeth and includes:

1 Set: 

1 Teal Toothbrush

1 Glass Floss Jar with 2 spools

2 Refills Spools

1 x 3 Months Supply Jar of Chewpaste

2 Sets:

1 Teal Toothbrush, 1 Green Toothbrush

2 Glass Floss Jars with 4 floss spools

4 Refills Spools

2 x 3 Months Supply Jar of Chewpaste

4 Sets: 

4 Toothbrushes (coral, teal, green and blue)

4 Glass Floss Jars with 8 floss spools

8 Refills Spools

4 x 3 Months Supply Jar of Chewpaste


What's up with the toothbrushes?

Made specially for etee, these FSC certified bamboo toothbrushes consist of two (fully assembled) parts - first you've got your rounded toothbrush handle, whose base is dipped in water-based paint (the paint helps to protect from any water damage that you get at the base of other bamboo toothbrushes). Added to that is the detachable toothbrush head with 100% plant-based bristles. The total length of the toothbrush is 7.5". Hooray!

Tell me about the floss...

  • 100% Mulberry Silk Floss acquired using the Ahimsa 'Peace' method
  • Candelilla wax
  • Natural Peppermint Flavouring
  • 100% biodegradable cornstarch baggies
  • Boxes printed with soy-based inks