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Minty Vanilla Fluoride Chewpaste - 1 Month Supply

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Improved from trial, but still very foamy

I like it and I'll use it all, but it still foams up a bit much and tastes like the stuff they use at the dentist to polish your teeth. Not terrible, but not like toothpaste. I haven't yet decided if I'll be going back to my other plastic-free toothpaste tabs or not.

Sarah Armstrong
Love it.

Great alternative to toothpaste in a plastic tube.

Wrong Product

I was sent fluoride free even though I ordered it with fluoride. I didn’t open the package for awhile because I still had toothpaste. So I can’t really speak for the product. I will try to give this batch away and I will eventually order more with fluoride.

So sorry about the mistake. Our customer service team will reach out to you and get this sorted.

Great product

I am very happy with these tablets. The foaming has just the right balance and they have fluoride which is a must for me.

Tonya Tronco
Fabulous ChewPaste tablets

I have tried these tablets as well as the Chewpaste tablets from Grove. I prefer these by far. I found that a half tablet was sufficiently foamy which really makes this even more economical than the competitor. I loved the taste, and the tablets are very convenient to pack for trips. I plan on introducing these to my fiance as well as my son.

NPN - 80103465 
FDA - 81048-008-64

1 month supply for 1 person (64 Tablets).

Fight tooth decay without the plastic. Etee's fluoride Chewpaste is the perfect combination of scientifically proven - cavity fighting - fluoride, with the natural benefits of Canadian Glacial clay, (detoxifying and anti-bacterial), natural mint, and vanilla flavours. No sulphates, no parabens, no plastic. What more could you want?

How to use:

  1. Chew the tablet into a paste (will almost dissolve immediately).
  2. Brush with a wet toothbrush
  3. Smile in good health
  4. Repeat at least 2x per day!

What's inside?

  • Naturally derived ingredients
  • Glass jar 
  • Natural mint and vanilla flavours
  • Vegan friendly ingredients

What's not inside?

  • Sulphates, Parabens & harsh chemicals
  • Animal testing
  • Artificial flavours

Active Ingredients: 0.25% Sodium Fluoride (1.2mg / tablet)
Non Active Ingredients: Dicalcium phospate, Kaolin, Xylitol, Erythritol, Magnesium stearate, Sodium laurel sulfoacetate, Sodium Bicarbonate, Mint Flavour, Hydroxypropyl, methylcellulose, Clay, Vanilla Flavour, Eucalyptol, Xanthan Gum, Citric Acid, Menthol

Storage: Store in a tightly Closed container in a cool, dry place

Warning: Keep out of reach of Children & Pets. If swallowed, call poison control or get medical help right away. * Consult a healthcare professional before using on children under 6 years.

NPN - 80103465