Glass Straw Sets
Glass Straw Sets
Glass Straw Sets
Glass Straw Sets
Glass Straw Sets
Glass Straw Sets
Glass Straw Sets
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Glass Straw Sets

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Feels good

I like silicone straws but their not good for dishwasher. So when I found out about glass straws I was so excited to try these. They feel so good on the lips. I cant wait to get some boba straws, when etee comes up with them

They’re straws

They’re made out of glass. I haven’t used them that much yet but they seem pretty sturdy. I almost never give 5 stars because I always want manufacturers to try a bit harder to improve their products!

New And Different!

I love this new club! Getting plastic out of our lives is a healthy thing! I look forward to all your new products.

Yay, I'm so happy to hear that Margery! Thank you so much for your kind words!

Works well!

I use several reusable bottles and cups, and the straws are always the bottleneck (pun intended!) for me, in remembering to clean them or trying to clean them in a hurry, so I wanted some extra straws. These are dishwasher-safe, and sturdy for use and for cleaning in a hurry, which has made them much better than the plastic reusable straws the bottles came with. And then, this is just personal preference, but I can't stand metal straws, I've tried, and it always seems to have such a taste to it when your tongue touches it, and metal straws are uncomfortable for really cold drinks, and my whole family agreed that metal straws just have a weird mouth-feel that we hadn't liked.
Glass straws solve those problems for me, plus these are very pretty! None have broken yet, but I've been careful so far, so long-term I'll be interested to see if they're as sturdy as they feel. The only suggestions I would make would be to make a taller option too, cause these are a little on the short side for many of my reusable bottles, still completely functional but shorter than the original straws. And also I love the 4 pack multi color option, but green is my least favorite, so maybe an option with the doubled color being the teal or blue 😆

Thanks so much for your feedback Tawn! Much appreciated. A taller straw would definitely be a great addition!

Great Straws

These are the first glass straws I've used. They were very smooth and sturdy and worked great. I can't wait to use them again!

Thank you so much for your feedback Sarah! I'm so happy you're enjoying the straws!

Reuse Your Sipper | Save a Flipper

Made in the USA, these glass have been crushed down and lab tested. Nothing but glass, which means absolutely no plastic in them! 

Plastic Free Club means Added Value  |  In our retail shop, each glass straw costs $9 USD, but in the Plastic Free Club we've bundled them and are able to drop the price by 20%-30%.

Fancy (borosilicate) glass withstands temperatures below freezing and up to 1500 degrees Fahrenheit. Same glass used in Pyrex ® 

Lifetime guarantee, reusable glass drinking straw. Can be cleaned in the dishwasher.

Size: 8”


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