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Hit Products Sampler

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Mary Baskin
Nice products

I was a bit disappointed when I found items that were made in China in the sample box. I thought everything would either be made in Canada or the US. Otherwise I like the products and will purchase them again (with the exception of made in China items).

Evelyn S.
Great pack, but...

Got this so I could try out some products before going whole hog with the club packs, and so I could give some samples to friends to try (got me a dish soap convert!). It's an awesome array of products I already love (wraps, Loofie, etc...) and new found loves such as the lip balm (holy cow, wow!). My only complaint is the toothbrush... It's way too large for my mouth, and, well, it's orange. I work in medical science and orange screams BIOHAZARD, so I simply cannot use an orange toothbrush. Silly, maybe, but my brain is hardwired. Sorry! I will be passing it along to a friend or family member to try. However, if you come up with a compact head variety, give me a yell (so long as it's not orange :D). Keep up the outstanding work!!

Thanks so much for the feedback Evelyn! I'm sorry to hear you're not a fan of the coral toothbrush- we do also offer teal, green and blue varieties :) Happy to hear you're enjoying the rest of your etee goodies!

Diego Piraquive
Was charged multiple times

Charged multiple times and have not received what I ordered 15 days after the order was placed. Just find a local store

Hi Diego! I'm sorry to hear that - I've reached out to you via email and hopefully we can get this resolved for you ASAP!

Going plastic-free, but new to etee? How can you know which products are your faves until you try them? 

We've got you covered with a Sampler pack of our Hit Products - JOY! 

Grab this pack and get 1 loofie, 1 bamboo toothbrush with a replaceable head (toothbrush colour may vary based on availability), 1 laundry stain bar, 1 pod of unscented dish soap concentrate, 1 biodegradable cellulose cleaning cloth, 1 glass floss dispenser with two 30 metre spools of silk floss, 1 Jumbo Cocoa Mint lip balm, 1 medium wrap and 1 small food bag. This bundle was discounted by 27% for Plastic Free Club members (we really really like you).

This is what you need to test out the etee goods and get a feel for what's perfect for YOU!

This bundle is ALSO a perfect pack for the solo plastic-free fighters who aren't ready to commit to large bulk purchases yet :).

Loofie? What's a Loofie?

Loofie's our special lil' scouring sponge - and he's completely biodegradable and plastic-free! He's got one side made of Loofah (a plant in the cucumber family) for gentle scrubbing, and the other side made of our cellulose cleaning cloth, which is great for wiping dishes and smooth surfaces. Loofies are sewn together using cotton thread, so they're totally biodegradable, and he never sends microplastics down the drain while he's working on tough to wash dishes. 

Bamboo Toothbrush with a REPLACEABLE Head You Say?

You heard us right! We want to take sustainability to the next level with our new completely plastic free FSC certified bamboo toothbrush with castor bean oil bristles - replace only the head every 2-3 months, not the entire toothbrush! Pretty cool, right?

What's this you say about plastic-free dish soap?

Dish soap is mostly water, and comes in a plastic bottle that you chuck once you're done with the soap, right? Well, not anymore. etee invented a beeswax-based pod that stores our plant-based dish soap concentrate - you add the water at home and voila - no need for that plastic bottle anymore! And it works great, too!

Keep that Smile happy...

Our Jumbo sized 11oz Cocoa Mint Lip Balm, made with Organic Beeswax, Coconut Oil & Cocoa Butter, with Essential Oils of Mint and Wintergreen is completely plastic free and housed in a biodegradable paper tube. It smells delicious and keeps even the driest lips happy. 

Pair that with our plastic-free silk gently minted floss that comes in a glass jar with a stainless steel cutter and two 30 metre spools of floss! Now that's one happy smile :).

Laundry Stain Beware

You can finally ditch that spray bottle of laundry stain remover and replace it with our handmade, plant based 90g Laundry Stain Bar. Laundry doesn't seem so bad after all.


Add to all of these products  a medium food wrap and small food bag to get a feel for reusables that keep your food fresh for longer, and you're on your way to a pretty solid plastic-free household :).