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Hue-Man Race Organic Cotton T-shirt - Box Hue Design
Hue-Man Race Organic Cotton T-shirt - Box Hue Design
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Hue-Man Race Organic Cotton T-shirt - Box Hue Design

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Hue-man Race T-shirt

bought 2 of these shirts, great quality, maybe a tad on the small size, but overall great! Thank you!

Thank you so much for your feedback Liz!

Nice quality

I received my tshirt and was pleased with the quality. It does have a bit of a strange smell but hopefully that will wash away. The only issue is that the fit is a little small even though I ordered the extra large. I assume it is unisex fit and definitely smaller than I expected. I will have to give it away.

Oh no! So sorry to hear that Kelly. If you'd like a refund on the shirt please reach out to our team at info@shopetee.com!

Natalie McHugh
Hue-Man Race Organic Cotton T-shirt

We love our Hue-Man Race Organic Cotton T-shirts!

Yay!! Great to hear!

David Achtem

i have not received the shirt yet

The brainchild of Sara Cadoo, the sister of Stephen Mitchell (our social media master), these shirts were developed to raise awareness of race inequality and breed positivity and love for one another.

For the months of July & August, 50% of the proceeds go to BLAC - The Black Legal Aid Centre; also known as BLAC. They are a non-profit organization located in Toronto. They offer free legal services for low- or no-income Black residents of Ontario.

This is our original design, with hue boxes symbolizing that we are all of different shades of the same race. Our shirts are 100% organic cotton and manufactured in Toronto, Canada.

Why Organic Cotton?

Not only is it better for the environment - uses less water, energy and zero pesticides - Organic cotton is also better for the workers, farmers and harvesters. Studies show that cotton pesticides have long term health impacts for the workers in the fields.

In Sara’s Words: 
“HUE MAN RACE apparel was created with the intent of igniting a conversation that has long gone unspoken and misunderstood. We - MANKIND - have used language in very perverted ways, created labels for one another, stereotypes to adhere to Black, White, Christian, Muslim, Straight, Bisexual, Race, African, American, Untouchable. We assume we know the face, name, behaviour, belief system and life that each of these labels should have. But if we were to strip away all of that. Remove the labels and categories, erase the boxes we are forced to check off that define ourselves…What is left? HUE MAN- a man of colour or shade. It led me to the realization that we are all ONE RACE. These labels: Black, White, Brown, were just created to divide and destroy, compete and conquer.

Just as God created variations of birds; sparrow, flamingo, robin, or trees: maple, oak, chestnut, why would the HUMAN RACE be any less diverse. We are the Earth and to the Earth we belong.”

HUEMAN RACE APPAREL, will donate half of all sales during the months of JUNE to AUGUST to The Black Legal Aid Centre; also known as BLAC. They offer free legal services for low- or no-income Black residents of Ontario. I believe in their mission to educate the Black community on their rights and other various legal issues such as Employment, Housing, Income Assistance, Police Complaints and so forth. BLAC seeks to change through education and the dissemination of knowledge.

When a group of people can make better informed decisions about their health, education, and life, they are able to rise above any power or privilege created to oppress them. Being a law student and aspiring legal professional in Ontario, I support their desire for change and advancement of the less privileged and marginalized groups in Ontario."