Lather & Scrub Sets
Lather & Scrub Sets
Lather & Scrub Sets
Lather & Scrub Sets
Lather & Scrub Sets
Lather & Scrub Sets
Lather & Scrub Sets
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Lather & Scrub Sets

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Hi Melanie - I hope you've received your order by now? Please let us know if you have not so that we can look into it with Canada Post!
Love the soap
I'm so happy you're enjoying the soap, thank you so much for your feedback Nicole!
Why can't we buy 2 packs in the plastic Free club?
I responded to this review on our regular website! The PFC is for bulk plastic free goodies so the exact same options are not available, but this product is still is. Maybe check out the 3 packs instead of the 2 packs? :) You can email us at if you have any other questions!
it/s okay
Loved the soap but it stained my wash cloth
Thank you for your feedback Jackie. So sorry to hear about your wash cloth! Perhaps try our stain stick on it if you have that? That should do the trick :)

Your Bathtub | Our Planet

It's time to rub a dub-dub in your shower or tub. Pair etee's luxurious smelling, moisturizing Body Soap Bars with the exfoliating power of a Loofah. 

Our ridiculously awesome Body Soap Bars are made using the cold press method and are 85% - 95% certified organic (depending on the bar). Handmade right here in Canada, these bars are a sure winner. Which scent is perfect for you?

Paired with Loofah sourced from a family owned loofah farm in Guatemala, loofahs are the perfect zero-waste alternative to your bathtub poof. These dried gourds that are part of the cucumber family are great for exfoliating & cleansing your skin, but they don't stop there. When one of your Natural Loofahs wear down from scrubbing your toes, you can replace it with a fresh one and move your old guy over to scrubbing your tub or sink! Hooray for multi-use.