Loofah Soap Pouch with Soap
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Loofah Soap Pouch with Soap

Includes our Loofah soap pouch and 2 Organic refill bars (one of our large Lavender Fields bar soaps cut in half), made using the cold press method and  85% - 95% certified organic. Handmade right here in Canada, this bar / pouch combination is a sure winner.

LAVENDER FIELDS - Rich and relaxing Lavender
This dark beauty’s intoxicating smell tends to steal the show from the healing and cleansing ingredients, but together they bring comfort and calm. Lavender Fields feels silky and smooth while gently exfoliating with Lavender and Chamomile flower powder.

SOAP INGREDIENTS: organic olive oil, organic coconut oil, mango seed butter, organic shea butter, organic cocoa butter, lavender essential oil, alkanet root powder, allantoin, lavender flower powder, chamomile flower powder, beet root powder 

Customer Reviews

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Lynn Capps
Loofah Soap Pouch

Love it, love it, love it. And the soap is marvelous!!

Quinn S
Loofie is great for dishes, not for skin.

The pouch dries quickly, which is great. But the loofah part is really rough/scratchy on my skin. I've tried to only use the cellulose cloth part, but it's hard to completely avoid the loofah. It might be better if it was just a cellulose cloth pouch. That being said, if you were using this to try and make your solid dish soap last longer, I think that would be a better use for this product.

Thank you for your feedback Quinn. It helps us to improve. Great suggestion about using it with the dish bar soap!

Jean Schnurr
Really like the loofah pouch

I love the pouch. I use the spongy side to soup up & the scrubbing side to - well, scrub the skin. I feel refreshed and ready for the day after using it.

Diana Armes Wallace
Love, Love, Love this pouch

We absolutely love this pouch. We didn’t buy the soap with it as we can always cut up bars or have lots of other bars to use up. But this soap pocket sponge is wonderful. Hope you get them back in stock soon. Oh, I should mention, I’m writing this for my husband. He’s the one that does the dishes, but won’t write about it. He did say to tell you he loves it and uses it a lot.

Erin Miller
Love this pouch!

Love this pouch. Mine lasted a long time. I can't wait until these are back in stock. I appreciated this as a way to use bar soap. I would purchase these without the soap if they became available, although I don't mind purchasing with soap. (Mine lasted much longer than the 2 included bars). Please restock soon!