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10 Pack of PM2.5 Disposable Mask Filters

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So happy the nose secure price was added.
Thank you for your feedback Loi! We pre-shrink the masks so I'm super surprised to hear it shrunk at all. If it's no longer useable please reach out to our team for a replacement!
Mask order
Thank you for your feedback Catherine. I'm really sorry to hear that you're disappointed with your masks. The reason we don't provide the option to pick/choose colours is because we receive them in batches by colour from our manufacturer. So one week, we might only have green. And the next, we might only have blue. So providing the option to select colours would mean even slower shipping times :(
Disposable mask filters

These filters are the standard for mask filtration - made with activated carbon and non-woven melt-blown filter cloth.  After much debate, and extensive feedback from our customers, we decided on a disposable, poly-filter in light of the current global pandemic.  We will provide these filters for the short-term, until a more widely tested, regulated and sustainable option becomes available.  

The five-layer filter system is not meant to be reused or washed.  

To use, insert the PM2.5 filter along the inside of the mask.

NOTE: After much consideration, we have decided to ship these filters in a plastic bag to avoid any contamination


  1. non-woven polyester
  2. melt blown polyester
  3. activated carbon fibres polyester
  4. melt blown polyester
  5. non-woven polyester