Recycled Plastic Soap Standle- 3 Pack
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Recycled Plastic Soap Standle- 3 Pack

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It works

This item is great! I use it with all my soaps and no more messy soap dish!!! thank you!!

Carol Bateman
Smaller than I thought

They work fine for keeping the soap from becoming soggy, but if they were a little bigger/ taller they would make it easier to get the soap off the dish. Also, for a Canadian company, these items come marked “proudly made in the USA” Hands across the border.


They keep the soap out of the drips, but are a little small for my soap dishes and so move around a bit too much when picking up or putting back the bar of soap

Holly C.
These are underrated!

I love these! Super simple and made from recycled plastic- which saves it from just going straight to waste. I tried the organic cotton bags from other eco stores and they just mold too easily- I didn’t know how to keep something that holds wet soap dry.

But low and behold THESE fix all my issues. The standle keeps the soap off of the shelves in my shower which can sometimes get grimey. It also helps keep them from being gooey like they would in most soap trays. You can keep them on while using the product for convenience- my boyfriend kept removing them and wondering why I thought they were so convenient until I told him not to remove them, haha.

I will say that as the soap dries off- some soap residue will end up on the shelves but it’s so easy to just wipe away when it starts to bother you. Definitely worth it when you have soap bars for every need.

Ruth Battaglia
Saves the mess

A good purchase!

Soap bars present one problem - soap goo - that icky ooz that gradually builds in traditional soap dishes.  When goo develops, your soap dissolves faster, and instead of cleaning that soap goes down the drain.

The SoapStandle allows bar soap to ‘shed’ water and dry, so “goo” never develops, which ensures your bar soaps last longer.   In other words, the SoapStandle saves you money by extending the life of your bar soaps.  . 

Made with recycled plastic, the SoapStandle is also reusable and recyclable.  

It’s simple to use. Just press your soap bar down firmly onto SoapStandle’s rounded points — it attaches to, and stays with, the bar. Your soap will last longer and it won’t slip from your hand. When you’re ready, move your reusable SoapStandle to a new bar!

SoapStandle works with ALL etee bars - Hand & Body Bars, Facial Cleansing Bars, Shave Bars, AND Shampoo & Conditioner bars.

Made in the U.S.A.   |    Reusable    |     Recyclable