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Total Toothcare Kit
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Total Toothcare Kit

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Great stuff

I have waited to review until I have had a chance to use the products enough to evaluate. I am very happy with the quality and substance of this kit. The toothbrush bristles i at first found scratchy when brushing, but I have gotten used to it. The quality of the handle and brush itself is great and it is also a very attractive product. I ordered replacement heads and just to test it out i tried unscrewing the head and had a very difficult time, thought I would have to have my son do it when he came for a visit, but after a few days of trying I finally got it to unscrew, so it’s all good. Love the floss, both the little glass bottle with the steel cutter top, but i prefer the silk floss to any that I have every used. Without the plastic it does not get slimy and slippery, so you can use a shorter length of floss. The paste bites are way too big for me....they make a ton of foam and i bite it in half and that is plenty. I only use it once a day though as I need sensitive paste especially at this time with all of the acidic fresh fruits. I have bought another set for my granddaughter as a surprise gift to take back to college with her. I know she will love it too!

Thank you so much for your honest feedback Jane! We are definitely looking at reducing the foam in our next round of Chew Paste as we've gotten a fair bit of similar feedback. The toothbrush heads are easier to replace with pliers if you have a set :) Thank you so much for passing on your etee love to your granddaughter, I hope she enjoys!

Marilynn Torkelson
Mostly disappointed

The toothbrush is worthless for cleaning teeth-it's way too soft. The floss does not slide easily between teeth but is ok. The toothpaste tablets are also ok. The flavor is fine and they seem to work well if paired with a better toothbrush. They dissolve quickly and even foam up slightly when brushing.

Thanks for your feedback Marilynn! I think we're learning over time that it might be best to offer toothbrushes that cater to different needs, ie. Soft, Firm, etc.

Lindsey Naylor
Great Choice!

Love these sustainable options for dental care. It's hard for me to find tooth tablets I like - but these are super foamy and taste great. Love the bamboo toothbrush with replaceable heads.

Awesome! Thank you for your feedback Lindsey!

Total Toothcare kit

I really love the tablets. I'm still testing the toothbrush but so far I do like how it cleans without being too hard.

Woo! Great to hear Alicia :D

Allison Bonanno
Happy Teeth

I love my tablets and the tooth brush.
It is like having angels to clean my teeth and support the planet.

Everything you need for a plastic-free smile! Includes etee's chewpaste, peace silk floss, and the etee original bamboo toothbrush with a replaceable head.

Includes 3 months supply for 1 person.

  • 3 Jars of Chewpaste  - (Choose between Fluoride Free or with Fluoride - 192 tabs)
  • 1 Toothbrush with replaceable head
  • 1 glass floss jar and 2 floss spools

How to use your Chewpaste:

  1. Chew the tablet into a paste (will almost dissolve immediately).
  2. Brush with a wet toothbrush
  3. Smile in good health
  4. Repeat at least 2x per day!

What's inside our Chewpaste?

  • Natural ingredients
  • Reusable Glass jars 
  • Natural mint and vanilla flavours
  • Vegan friendly ingredients

What's not inside?

  • Sulphates, Parabens & harsh chemicals
  • Animal testing
  • Artificial flavours