Can Face Masks Stop the Second Wave?

Some countries have been devastated by Coronavirus, while others have gotten off lightly.


According to a recent study : 

"In countries with cultural norms or government policies supporting public mask-wearing, per-capita coronavirus mortality increased on average by just 8.0% each week, as compared with 54% each week in remaining countries. On multivariable analysis, lockdowns tended to be associated with less mortality (p=0.43), and increased per-capita testing with higher reported mortality (p=0.70), though neither association was statistically significant. 

Conclusions. Societal norms and government policies supporting the wearing of masks by the public, as well as international travel controls, are independently associated with lower per-capita mortality from COVID-19." (Association of country-wide coronavirus mortality with demographics, testing, lockdowns, and public wearing of masks)

The study included modelling, which demonstrates that if we combine lockdowns with 100% mask use, the spread of the disease will be vastly diminished for a period of 18 months - the estimated time it will take to develop a vaccine.

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What about the Second Wave?

A recent headline from the SanFrancisco Gate asserted that

"100% face mask use could crush second, third COVID-19 wave". 

The source of their claim is support by a comment from the author's of another study out of Cambridge University who said;

“We show that, when face masks are used by the public all the time (not just from when symptoms first appear), the effective reproduction number, Re, can be decreased below 1, leading to the mitigation of epidemic spread,”  (The Royal Society Publishing)

The Problem With Increased Mask Usage

All of this news sounds great, right?  It looks like we have a - relatively - simple solution that could save millions of lives and help restore the economy.  However, this solution has led to an unexpected consequence, which all us etee's are 'oh too' familiar with.  Plastic waste.

According to a recent article from the Economist: Covid-19 has led to a pandemic of plastic pollution.

From increased to take out orders to disposable masks, our environment is - once more - is feeling the impacts of our disposable economy.

What's the Alternative?

Here's the thing.  We don't have to use synthetic masks to stop the virus.  Reusable and washable, cotton facemasks work.  According to the same Cambridge University study:

“Research shows that even homemade masks made from cotton T-shirts or dishcloths can prove 90 per cent effective at preventing transmission..."

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  • Where I live we have been prompted to wear masks always on Public transport.
    Now anyone going into a shop must wear one; which is sensible and I have been wearing them for weeks. What does concern me the retail staff do not and neither do they safe distance from each other!
    Are they all immune with some marvelous vaccine?

    David Shore on
  • We needed to do exactly what Japan did back on day 1. This pandemic proved that western medicine had a gigantic flaw that didn’t encourage mask wearing when sick, it seemed to be a thing only medical/construction/glass workers had to wear while everyone else shouldn’t. China has pollution so bad that masks are necessary in order to survive due to breathing difficulties. Westerners kept looking at Easterners as weird even though it should have been a teaching moment instead. Covid would have never been as bad as it continues to be if we just mandated universal masks with intermittent/targeted shutdowns & not cut supply lines/lie about mask effectiveness.

    Mark Burgess on

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