Flushing the Bad Stuff

At my last home, I got used to seeing the city’s Municipal Works Department vacuum tanker truck roll up to the manhole at the corner of our street at least once a month. For the longest time, I couldn’t figure out why this shop vac for sewers was being dispatched so regularly. 

And then we got a letter from the city’s Municipal Works Department. It turns out that someone had been flushing mop heads down the toilet. Like, more than once. In the newspaper, the head of the department said he was used to seeing all sorts of things that had been flushed: baby wipes, hygiene products, diapers, dental floss, cat litter, condoms, and so on. But mop heads? That was a first for him (though it seems that other municipalities also deal with weird people who shove large items down four-inch pipes).

It got me thinking of all the other stuff we flush down the toilet—substances that are invisible but much equally, if not more, damaging than physical items. Like toilet bowl cleaner.

When it comes to bathroom upkeep, toilet bowl cleaner is essential. But most commercial products—made up of dangerous chemicals like hydrochloric acid, sodium hypochlorite, and sodium lauryl ether sulfate—come with risks to people and the planet.

Simply put, these types of products lead to unnecessary pollution. The good news is there are easy and effective alternatives—and etee just developed one!

Toilet bowl cleaning powder

Our Probiotic Toilet Bowl Cleaner really works, is 100% biodegradable, and omits any harsh chemicals!

The formula uses probiotics—good bacteria—to out-populate the bad bacteria and it’s so gentle that it’s even septic safe. But gentle doesn’t mean wimpy! This powder’s strong cleaning power has been lab-tested and cleaner-approved. 



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Chantal and the whole crew at etee

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