Is Silicone Better than Plastic?

In the past few years silicone has entered the ring as the new saviour to plastic.  Here's why:


  1. Unlike plastic, there isn't any evidence that it leaches hormone disrupting chemicals into your food and body, regardless of temperature.
  2.  It can be washed and reused for a long time period (years).
  3. It's very durable


  1. It doesn't biodegrade, so when you're done with it, it never goes away (like plastic).
  2. It's not widely recycled.  Try finding a recycling facility in your region is a bit of a needle the haystack situation.
  3. Even though it technically comes from sand, it's ultimately synthetic and the manufacturing may have some issues.

So what do you think? 

Do you use Silicone bags, cookie sheets, microwave lids? 

Do you think we should sell silicone products until we have a better solution?

Do you have a better solution?  

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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  • I think you can just continue to research and create alternatives. Lotion and shampoo would be good choices in the meantime to work on as you continue to research an alternative to silicon products that can take the high heat (like alternative to silicon muffin cups).

    Amanda Ecret on
  • I think silicone is better than plastic b/c it is not single use. However there are concerns about it not being biodegradable…perhaps better recycling technology will eventually catch up. However, I do not think etee should start selling it. I love etee for all my biodegradable items and things that can go in the compost when they’ve outlived their intended use.

    Brandy Liepelt on
  • I understand the dilemma. IF the option is between yukky plastic that is thrown away all the time (which we do LOTS here in our home – YES, I try to reuse as much as possible but most bags are too flimsy to resuse much), then, yes I am absolutely in suppoort of silicone UNTIL a reasonable biodegradable alternative is mastered. I like the beeswax wraps but cannot put things like soup in those. I understand the biodegradable issue however I feel the silicone is a great bridge into other options in future.

    Brenda on
  • As stated in previous comments I think etee should stick with its self-proclaimed mandate for producing only biodegradable products.

    Melinda Bensler on
  • I do think silicone is better than plastic when it’s a reusable alternative to something disposable, and I do buy some silicone products for that reason. However, they are widely available from other retailers. I go to etee for biodegradable products that can be hard to find elsewhere. So yes, silicone is somewhat better, but no, etee shouldn’t start carrying it.
    One non-biodegradable exception I’d like to note is the occasional bit of glass that etee carries, such as the glass floss dispenser. Although glass is also derived from sand, it is much easier and more efficient to recycle than both plastic and silicone.

    Jess on

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