The Ultimate Grab Bag?

Have you ever wondered about waxed canvas? Me neither. That is until I heard one of my favourite companies just released a waxed canvas product this week. 

My initial thought was, “Looks cool but what’s the big deal?”  

Then I dug a little and discovered that waxed canvas has a fascinating timeline:

15th century: Sailors on Scottish North Sea herring fleets started slathering fish oil and grease on their flax sails to waterproof them, catch more wind, and keep the weight down. Remnants of the sails were used to make capes that kept the sailors warm and dry.

1700s: A British weaving mill started treating lighter cotton sails with linseed oil. The Royal Navy and early tea clippers (sailing ships used for the trade of tea, opium, spices and other goods from the Far East to Europe). Unfortunately, Linseed oil turned yellow over time and cracked in cold conditions.

1920s: Another British company developed a paraffin-based waxed cotton. It made the cotton water resistant and breathable. No yellowing! No cracking!

20th century: Natural fibre sailcloth started being replaced by synthetic materials like nylon, polyester, and even kevlar.  

2000: Waxed canvas is used to make everything from coats to backpacks to tents and more!

2021: etee develops and releases the first Organic Waxed Canvas Lunch Bag. 

These bags are as natural, strong, sustainable and long-lasting as that old sailcloth. And they’re waterproof, easy to clean, and wear beautifully over time. 

What I love most is that, unlike other lunch bags made of materials derived from oil (I’m looking at you, nylon, polyester, et al.), these are made from organic, backyard compostable cotton and dyes certified through the Global Organic Textiles Standard. Plus they’re waxed using etee special beeswax blend.

Did I mention they’re available in 5 sexy colours? I didn’t? Well, they are!

These lunch bags are perfect for anyone—you, friends, family—seeking a stylish, durable, and planet-friendly lunch bag. Try it, you’ll like it!




Have a great day!

Chantal and the whole crew at etee


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