Welcome to the Plastic Free Club!

Hey there.  My name is Steve Reble (I'm the guy with the headphones at the bottom left of this photo).  In case you're wondering, yes my headphones are plastic, but I'm working on finding a solution to those too! 
A few years back my friend Pj and I started etee, which stands for Everything Touches Everything Else.
But enough about us.   Tell us about you and how we can help you on your plastic free journey.

What brought you to the Plastic Free Club?

Add a comment below....

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  • I firmly believe in solving climate change with my personal choices. I drive an electric vehicle powered primarily by solar at my home, bring my breakfast and lunch to work in reusable containers, and try to only eat meat a few times a week. I saw my personal hygiene routine with all the plastic as another way I could cut down on the climate change problem. I also didn’t want to contribute to a large company that either has previously been part of the problem and is now all of sudden is eco-friendly or has been treating their employees poorly. I prefer small companies that strive to provide good customer service. I found your company on an ad via my Facebook. When I factored in the club membership, the subscription, and how long your products last (facial bar going on 2 months and pretty sure it will go to 3-4) it is a financially logical choice on part with huge nation wide online/brick and mortar retailer pricing plus your company is on par with my values as previously mentioned. Keep up the great work!!

    Erik on
  • I want to help the earth and my family by buying natural more sustainable products and using less plastics. Your products are amazing and high quality and I am excited to be able to purchase them from a Canadian Company.

    Melanie B. on
  • I too want to rid my life and household of plastic. I have been concerned for quite awhile so when I saw your ad on Facebook I wanted to see your products and support your efforts. My daughter also uses your products and gave me reusable bags for Christmas! Thank you for being available to us!

    Sara Cogswell on

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