IT’S GIVING TUESDAY - How Should we Give Back?

Hey all,

We believe we should give back - it's totally in line with our mission. Cash would be tough at this stage of our growth, but I'm sure there is so much more we could do. I'd love your suggestions. I'm thinking something that is in line with our goal of making 'PLASTIC FREE LIVING' accessible to EVERYONE. 

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“What about donating to a shelter. They are always in need of supplies. Why not help them go green as an added bonus.”
Patricia Underwood


Love this. 

So, in the New Year, we’ll be giving our local community shelters (we operate out of Parkdale in Toronto and there are a lot of shelters around here) everyday essentials like our toothbrushes, floss and dish soaps and we'll post results here. 

Thanks again for all the input team!


Giving Tuesday

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  • What about donating dish soap pods, or scrubbies, to soup kitchens? If that’s something that is out of reach at this stage of growth, perhaps one for every X# of $’s sold on Giving Tuesday? Starting new business can be tough, but the very fact that you guys want to help out makes you all rockstars!

    Leah Berkey on
  • Smileatrain is a great organization, perhaps there something you could develop for their needs? Or a product they could use as is?

    Joelle on
  • How about donating tooth brushes to your local homeless shelter? Keep up the great work!

    Cat Ransom on
  • Hi! Me again,

    Just noticed I sent my email address with a typo. This is the correct one.


    Maura Doyle on
  • Hey Steve,

    What about partnering with agencies that focus on food reclamation and food security issues.

    Loving Spoonful here in KINGSTON does amazing work. They reroute tons of food (literally) from going to waste and teach community members about food: from growing and tending to preparation, and handling food safely. Their Grow a Row programa are in local schools to help our kids get a head start on becoming communitarians.

    Étee food wraps, bags, natural soaps and scrubbies seem like a perfect compliment to this kind of agency and mission.

    I can only speak to what’s going on here in Kingston, but there has to be similar groups and agencies in other communities.

    As a side note, I love my food wraps, bags and dish soap. I use the heck outta them and have also started giving them as gifts. I ordered the cutlery traveling 4 pack as a gift for my family. This might be another thing that you could bring to communities on a bigger scale for something like Giving Tuesday. For every purchase of the utensils in the wrap $X (after your cost, shipping) goes to send food wraps, bags or utensils to community agencies.

    Just my thoughts! Love what you are doing! Keep going!!!!


    Maura Doyle on

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