Years of Good Life | What This Means For YOU and the Planet

So, being a full-time writer and curious by nature means that I often find myself going down some pretty deep rabbit holes in the Interwebs. (Please tell me you do that sometimes too?)

On one of my recent deep dives, I came across new research that calls for using human well-being as a metric for setting climate change policy. The index is called “Years of Good Life” or YoGL.  

Today, most climate change agreements work like this: “If we do X (set the warming limits at 2°C, for example), then we will avoid Y (flooding from rising sea levels that will cost the global economy trillions of dollars every year).

But the Austrian researchers who came up with YoGL say that  climate change mitigation policies should not only be focused on the future economic impact of global warming

Instead YoGL researchers argue that by studying a population’s quality of life now (based on factors including education, longevity, health, income, and life satisfaction), we can predict how climate change might lead to a decrease in “Years of Good Life” for future generations. That type of inclusive modelling can then empower policymakers to make more informed (and more humane) decisions.

Mind blown. This is the new frontier of sustainability science!

Though this kind of human-centric metric gives me hope for the future, there’s no way of knowing if and when economists might start trying to use YoGL to balance sustainability with economic growth.

Until they do, you’ll find me trying my best to live more sustainably, researching what more I can do, and working hard to give myself—and the planet—more “Years of Good Life”.  

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Live well, be well,

Chantal and the entire etee crew

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