6 Essentials for a Zero Waste Shave

Shaving is a regular ritual—and in my opinion, a necessary evil—for most people, myself included. Unfortunately, most commercial shaving supplies—think plastic razors and packaging, not to mention harmful ingredients—can be harmful to your body and the planet. 

We know, for example, that an estimated 2 billion disposable razors end up in the landfill every year in the US. Or that many shaving creams and gels are made up of ingredients like glycols, isopentane, PEGs (polyethelene glycols) that make their way into the water ecosystem and negatively impact the growth of plants and animals, and ultimately, humans. Or that canned shaving creams often use hydrocarbon propellants and greenhouse gas contributors like butane or propane to make the product foam.

Luckily, non-toxic shaving supplies exist and putting together a kit is quick and easy. From your razor to your moisturizing oil, here are 5 must-have supplies for your shaving enjoyment.

1. Leaf Razor

Old-school wet shaving tools are making a comeback! Why? 

  • They’re affordable
  • They produce a cleaner, closer shave
  • They’re not wasteful (unlike those nasty disposables!)

We love these Leaf Razors because the company has produced a beautiful all-metal, razor that comes with a 10-blade starter pack. Plus, the packaging and shipping is 100% plastic free.

2. etee Organic Shaving Bar: New Scent!

It’s high time we ditch the canned stuff for something less expensive and better for our skin and our environment! Enter this Organic Shave Bar that now comes in two scents: the classic lavender, and the all-new, Black Forest—sumptuously scented with black spruce essential oil. Lather up with this plant-based bar and your razor will easily glide over your skin and leave it moisturized and smooth.

3. Boar Bristle Shaving Brush

I think everyone understands the pleasure of a luxurious lather. Make it a reality with the help of a simple shaving brush like this one from Fendrihan. It features natural bristles and a beautifully turned beech wood handle. The stiff bristles not only exfoliate the skin but supercharge your suds!

4. etee Roasted Canadian Birch Soap Dish

To keep your shave bar dryer and make it last longer, we suggest this soap dish to help your shave bar last longer. They’re beautifully handcrafted from white birch and literally roasted in an oven to give it that deep brown look and make it resistant to decay, bugs, and mould. Make sure you opt for the dish with “Shave” engraved on the front!

5. Whole Body Oil

Anyone who has to shave every day knows how hard the process can be on your skin. To prevent nasty skin irritations, using a skin oil pre and post shave is a good idea. We love this one from Good Juju because it’s an all-in-one formula that can be used as a full-body moisturizer, beard oil, after-shave oil, and even as make-up remover. And it’s made from delicious ingredients like organic jojoba oil, nettle infusion, and ylang ylang essential oil. 

6. Soap Standle

This one is a bit of a bonus item! I think it’s fair to say we all know the problem with bar soaps including our shave bar: they get gooey, dissolve too quickly when left wet, and they’re super slippery. The Soap Standle is a simple yet ingenious invention that helps you get a grip on your bar and be less wasteful. And in case you were wondering, it’s reusable, recyclable, and made of 100% post-consumer recycled materials!


I hope this little list helps you rethink your shaving routine and reorient it towards a planet-friendly experience!

Shave on, 
- Chantal + team etee

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