Laundry Stain Bar Multi-Packs
Laundry Stain Bar Multi-Packs
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Laundry Stain Bar Multi-Packs

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Laundry Stain Bar Multi-Packs

Surprised me!

I admit, I was skeptical, but I bought laundry stain bars just to give them a try. This is honestly the best stain remover I’ve ever used. Cooking grease, and natural deodorant pit stains are gone. It even saved a couple shirts that have washed & dried “set in” stains from becoming rags. For tough stains, follow the directions to let soak.


I used these in tough stains from my kiddos and also some random weird stain on my pants. All have come clean! Easy to apply, not a lot of mess. No crazy scents and my clothes after look great! Will buy again.

Great product

This little bar has done a great job of getting rid of stains. Its small size let’s me keep it in the bathroom, where I can quickly see and treat stains. It works well and doesn’t leave residual marks even when the stained item doesn’t make it into the wash for days. The only stain I’ve had to use it on more than once is turmeric- lol-and it has removed quickly handled turmeric stains- a minor miracle for those familiar with the long lasting yellow orange color of the root.

Better after a tiny bit of time

This little bar works incredibly well and has no harsh smell or feel. This is handy to carry and makes a good little gift for travel.

 Your Laundry | Our Planet

Dirty Laundry - it's the one thing that we all have in common, am I right? And we're not talking about our personal secrets here - we're talking grass stains, poopy underpants, spilled coffee, bloody noses... those reminders of our day to day mishaps every time we sort laundry.

Say goodbye to that spray bottle of stain remover, or bottle of stinky bleach. It's time to welcome etee's handmade, plant-based Laundry Stain Bar with open arms. Hi Friend!

New to the stain bar game? No worries - it's super simple to use, has no irritating scents and is changing our stain game.

Plastic Free Club means Added Value  | In our retail shop, we'd sell our Laundry Stain Bar for $5 each! Over here at the Plastic Free Club, we've bundled those bars together and dropped the price by 25%.  Stains Beware - The etee Laundry Stain Bar is Here.

HOW DO I USE A STAIN BAR? Super Easy! Grab that coffee spilled t-shirt - wet the stained area & rub the Laundry Stain Bar onto the fabric. For extra stubborn stains, give the fabric a little squish around to activate the stain removing power of the Laundry Stain Bar. Wash as you usually would. For older stains, let the stain remove sit for a few hours to activate before washing.

Our unscented formula means that it's super gentle and won't irritate after use!

Ingredients include: Organic Coconut Oil, Sodium Hydroxide, Potassium Hydroxide, Citric Acid, Boric Acid

Handmade in Canada, these 3.2 oz/ 90 g bars ready to kick any stain's butt!