Replacement Toothbrush Heads
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Replacement Toothbrush Heads

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Ruth Battaglia

I really love the bamboo toothbrushes.

No plastic, no fuss

No plastic toothbrush works. No plastic packaging. Simple. Never had an issue placing a round peg into a round hole.

Mary U
Love my bamboo toothbrushes

I love the bamboo toothbrushes and have been using them for over 2 years. The heads last a long time and are very comfortable and are so easy to replace, plus they are compostable!

vicky s campbell
Toothbrush heads

I love this product and we enjoy knowing we are not dumping more plastic into the earth. These last brushes seem more firm than the last set but one little problem for me is an occasional brush fiber comes out while brushing! Quite unpleasant for me. Not sure how this would be corrected but that is the only negative & the reason for the 4star.

Hey Vicky,

Thank you for your feedback & taking the time to leave this review. I am sorry to hear you're experiencing this issue with the toothbrush heads. We don't want you to have to dig out bristles, please email our customer service team at info@shopetee.com & they will help you out :)

Replacement Toothbrush Heads

Works great!

Your Toothbrush | Our Planet

Introducing the one & only etee Bamboo Toothbrush with a Replaceable Head! Grab replacement toothbrush heads and say goodbye to plastic toothbrushes for good.

These detachable toothbrush heads are made with 100% plant-based bristles and are made to fit into the base of our new bamboo toothbrushes. Hooray!

The rounded toothbrush handle is made of FSC certified bamboo and the bristles are made from castor bean oil, which is the most eco-friendly alternative on the market today - double hooray!

Plastic Free Club means Added Value  | In our retail shop, each toothbrush would cost $4 each, but by bundling them together we can offer our Plastic Free Club members a discount of 40%.  Wowsers - plastic-free brushing never looked so good!

What else is in my toothbrush?

A metal staple is used to clamp the the plant-based bristles into the brush, keeping them from falling out when you're brushing your chiclets! It's a normal part of a toothbrush, and even plastic ones have staples in them too! When you're ready to replace your toothbrush head (dentists suggest every 3 months), simply replace with a new head and keep the handle.  To compost the used bamboo head, you can remove the bristles from the head using a pair of pliers, which will also remove the staple.  The bristles are not yet biodegradable, but fear not, we're working on a solution!