Foaming Soap Dispenser
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Foaming Soap Dispenser

A perfect dispenser to house your new foaming hand soap!

Grab a 16 oz glass mason jar with either a black foaming soap dispenser cap and pump (this pump has the least plastic that we could source and is offered only due to popular demand).

Made with durable, BFA free, and rust free components.

Customer Reviews

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Foaming Soap Dispenser?

I love it! It works beautifully, and my son, who was skeptical, is very impressed.

Very economical!

I am so impressed with this soap dispenser! It holds a good volume and the scented soaps are lovely smelling too! Great foaming! Very happy with them for sure!

Sandy Bell
Love it!

I’ve been using the hand soap for a while with the old pump dispenser. I had wished it was more foamy. With the new dispenser, it is! I just love it!

Ken Gruberman
This stuff works, and smells great too!

I was a little skeptical about how effective this product is after reading a few of the other comments. I am happy to report that the soap is great! I am guessing that those who experienced less-than-stellar outcomes … um … simply didn’t read the instruction card that comes with the soap; the same instructions are clearly printed on the (nicely eco friendly) cardboard boxes the soap pods come in.

TL: DR — use HOT tap water, pour in soap pod contents, stir, then put dispenser cap on, shake vigorously and let sit for an hour. (Box says 20 min; card says 1 hour.) We did that and bada-bing! Thick, great-smelling foamy soap good for both washing hands AND dishes… a win-win!! And no, we did not have to use more than one pod to get this welcome result.

This stuff is just as good, if not better, than the Method Foaming Handsoap Gel we were using and much better for the planet. Kudos, etee!!