Hand Lotion Bar (NEW and IMPROVED!)
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Hand Lotion Bar (NEW and IMPROVED!)

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Hand Lotion

I'm pretty happy with the hand lotion bar, easy to use, smells great and it is definitely not greasy! Great product.

Hand Lotion Bar

Not easy to melt in hand and spread around hands.


Hand Lotion Bar (NEW and IMPROVED!)

Love this. Works better than other solid lotion bars I've used. Neutral smell.

I live in a VERY dry area (hi, northern Alberta prairies) and have been using solid lotion bars from LUSH for ages to reduce waste. I'm fully converted to etee's lotion bar. This is the only lotion I've tried that doesn't feel greasy but actually works: most lotion bars still leave my skin kind of dry, but etee's has some waxy ingredients that keep moisture IN without leaving a greasy feeling on your skin, and it doesn't just rub off. The smell is neutral, which is great. I have been using this for my whole body and usually apply at the end of my shower. It might be a little trickier to apply 'cold' because it does need to be warmed up by rubbing in your hands together before applying well (this works great for me, and keeps you from using too much, so it probably lasts longer, but others may not be used to lotion bars that need to be warmed up first).
Also comes in a handy screw-cap tin for travel/storage/shower, though I won't need another when I buy the lotion bar again.
Love it, will keep buying. Great job, etee!

Mommy's hand

I wash my hands a lot with young children and constant cooking and cleaning.
I found with other lotions, each time I wash the lotion would wash off and you can see the dry skin on my hands. But with this one it seems to stay on.
I would have put this 5 stars if it was easier to rub and use. But over time as it gets smaller it seems easier. So I don't know if it's not mixed well so outside is harder then inside with more bees wax but when we first got it, it just wouldn't rub off.

These little beauties were developed for all those over-washed, over-sanitized hands. They’re great for when you’re on the move and want to lessen the burden on your skin and our planet.

Made with refined Kokum butter, these bars will absorb and moisturize without clogging your pores or leaving your hands greasy.

Each bar is 1oz / 28 grams and lasts 2 - 3 months

What’s Inside?

  • Naturally moisturizing ingredients
  • Highly absorbent, non-greasy formula

What’s Not Inside?

  • Sulphates, Parabens, Palm Oil & harsh chemicals
  • Animal Testing

    INGREDIENTS: Refined Kokum butter, ultra refined Cocoa butter, Beeswax, organic Sunflower oil, Arrowroot Powder, Tangerine (essential oil)