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Smile Refills - Lip Balm & Floss

Keep your smile indefinitely happy - grab two Jumbo Lip Balms & a total of 60 metres of silk floss in each 2 spool box - that's 2/3 the length of a football field of floss!

Ditch the hassle of needing to re-order by signing up for a commitment-free subscription and never run out of these smile essentials! Remember, you can swap, skip or cancel at any time.

This bundle doesn't have the glass floss dispenser included in it. Need one before you get your refills? Grab some floss with glass dispensers here!

Customer Reviews

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No complaints

I love etee's products, they're always so simple. The lip balm is great, and the mint makes my lips feel a little frosty, but it's not that overwhelming menthol feel. It also looks really nice and easy to use. The tooth floss s also great. It's simple, it takes me a lot time to go through it, so the 2 spools will probably last me the majority of the year (I floss once or twice a week, sorry mom). It feels just like normal, basic tooth floss you get from the store. Nothing fancy, which I appreciate.

purchase options

I want to purchase floss refills, but there are only 2 ways, one with the glass container which I don't need and two - with lip balm which I don't need. Why is there no option to purchase floss refills alone?

Hi LeAnn!
You'll find the option to purchase refill spools only on the floss listing itself - just use the drop down menu to toggle between the options :)

Lori Ann Foley
Best Lip Balm

I love this lip balm, it’s the best I’ve ever used!

Yay, we love to hear that! Thanks so much for your feedback Lori :)

L Worrall
All Smiles

Lip balm is awesome. I even have my mom using it (she's 89). Floss is great. In both cases, NO PLASTIC!! Woo hoo! I also use etee's beeswax food wraps. Love love love them as well. Since I've started using the food wraps, I waste much less food. Love this company!