Jackie's favourite Christmas Carol

This is Jackie's favourite Christmas Carol,

She recorded it a few years back, and I put this video on top of me with my beloved dog Burleigh skating through the trees in High Park, Toronto.  Burleigh died two years ago, and so every year I watch this video and remember what a wonderful friend she was to me, and how thankful I am to my wife Mandy for introducing me to Animal LOVE.  Have a wonderful day and Merry Christmas (if that's your thing). Steve

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  • What a great gift – 2 things I love most – music and dogs! Lovely music (hey – once a musician, always a musician. I’m one, too even though I don’t gig anymore) and video. Thank you, and here’s to a bright new year for all beings!

    Peggy on
  • Thank you! Have yourselves a very Merry Christmas, too, and a fantastic New Year!

    Bonnie on

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