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Sooo, here’s the big news, after more than 3 years of experimenting, testing, and listening very closely to your suggestions and feedback, we’ve figured out how to make backyard compostable packaging using 100% natural materials.  And we are essentially the first company to do this!  Can I get a woot woot???

But, like all innovations, this hasn’t come easily.  Check this out.

VERSION 1 - Beepods: Hills Valleys and Recognition from the MAJOR PLAYERS

The first step was our beepods - backyard compostable pods for dish soap, hand soap and household cleaners.  And if you’ve been with us for a while, you may know that it took us some time to get them off the ground. There were a number of hurdles along the way - including leaks, cracking and breaking.

But we continued to test and improve, so much so, that this spring we received a DOW CHEMICAL, packaging innovation award.  What makes me most proud, is the fact that we were up against BIG COMPANIES like Nestle, Procter & Gamble and Unilever.  How cool is that?

@shopetee To our whole etee community thank you so much! We just won an innovation award for our beeswax pods on our plastic free journey. What a time to be alive, and it started with you all - you all have the power not only to keep us going but to impact the big guys and trigger change smaller voices lead to a bigger roar. #cleantok #beeswax #cleaninghacks #sustainability #homeimprovement #fyp ♬ original sound - etee 🌿 Plastic-Free Products

VERSION 2 - Chrysalis beautypods™ 


As great as our beepods are… we still have some issues around leaks and cracks.

So last year we started exploring other natural materials to strengthen them.  This lead us down many paths, but we found a few key ingredients that nearly doubled the strength of our pods, and we’re so happy with the results that we have a patent pending.  

I can’t say much more about them yet, BUT, just know that we are calling them Chrysalis Beautypods™, inspired of course by what is (in my opinion) the most beautiful ‘natural packaging’ you will find anywhere on the planet - the Monarch Butterfly’s Chrysalis.

As a kid, in late summer, I’d wander the hills of my Grandpa’s farm in search of wild raspberries and the rare CHRYSALIS, which I’d typically find tucked under a Milkweed pod.  I was shocked at how beautiful AND protective these little beauties are.  

And the even more amazing part is how this little work of art just naturally disintegrates when the Monarch decides it’s time to leave.

It’s almost magic.

So when we started exploring ways to improve our pods this is where we got our inspiration.

And the concept lined up so well with our new line of high quality skin care products: facial moisturizers, cleansers and serums.  No BS, just thoughtfully curated ingredients, and lab test chemistry that will help you preserve and protect your skin for a lifetime. 

We’re almost at the finish line of developing our new beauty pods and this summer (likely the end of June) we’re planning to launch a CROWD FUNDING CAMPAIGN to support the development.  


Let us know what you think in the comments below.  Thanks as always for your support and inspiration - STEVE.

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  • I’ve been a supporter from the beginning and see no need to stop now. I’m doing my best to make a small footprint and on the planet, and couldn’t do it without ETEE.

    Sandy Bell on
  • While the beepods are a little bulky I have not had a leak in any since your first ones. How to re-use…I took a bite of one just to see, and it retained the taste of the soap concentrate within. However, when my kids were small we were quite cash-strapped so all of our vacations involved tent camping. One of their favorite activities was making dipped candles using the campfire…I save all candle wax residue…including birthday candles…put them in a tin can on my tripod grill over the campfire, and tie a piece of wick to a stick. I would have 2 cans of wax and a larger (like an old coffee) can full of water. Alternate dipping the wick into wax, then water to harden until the candle is as big as they wanted it, then wedge the stick “handle” between some branches or whatever is handy for them to firm up all the way. My kids and grandkids are all way older than that now but that continues to be one of their favorite camping memories. Now I lead a pack of Cub Scouts so I still save wax to use with them. I have put the pods in the buckets with my other leftover wax and am hoping that it will combine with the mix and work. When birthday candles are in the mix, the candles come out looking like porcupines with the short wicks sticking out all over the place.

    Jane Fuller on
  • I used the beeswax pods for quite a while, but stopped due to some leakage, but also due to having so many rinsed pods that I don’t know what to do with! I can only re-wax my food storage wraps so many times… I would certainly try the new ones at least once, but if they were community compost compatible or recyclable, even better!!

    Melissa on
  • You had me at “chrysalis”… :)

    Sarah Kuehl on
  • I like the idea and would support your campaign. I buy many of your products and shop frequently, but I stopped buying the bee pods long ago due to the leakage problem. I blamed the warmer weather conditions in Hawaii and during shipping and/or storage. I switched to your bar dish soap which I love using and found really works for me. I would consider trying a new alternative pod in the future however. I do support and appreciate your continued efforts to improve your product line and your innovative thinking!

    Susan Carey on

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