What Do You Use to Wash Your Face?

92% of women use facial cleansers on a daily basis, and the overwhelming majority come packaged in plastic. 


We'd love to change that, but we need your help!

So tell us, what's your daily cleansing routine? And what would it take for you to try something new?

Let us know - comment below - together we can turn this plastic tide around! 

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  • I use a liquid cleanser by Hale & Hush, “ quiet wash”. In plastic pump bottle that isn’t refillable. Would confer something else.

    Kate Evans on
  • I’ve been trying Lush products (with no packaging) but there’s too much scent. Currently, I’m using Etee body bar mint flavored :)

    Margaret Langston on
  • I use eminence. It gives back to the workers and community; it packages in recycled materials; it uses only natural ingredients; and it smells amazing so if you can compete with that, I’ll try. I am beginning to trust you guys…

    JIll on
  • Currently, I’m using an African Black Soap facial cleanser that comes in a plastic tube. Have tried several others. I like the apricot scrubs the best but hard to find one without a lot of weird stuff and also at a reasonable price for the product
    Found rose water in a glass bottle that makes a great toner.
    Extra Virgin Coconut oil, in a glass jar straight out of the cooking aisle 😂, in the winter for moisturizer.

    Amy Ferrell on
  • I use bar neutrogena. It comes in a paper box, but is wrapped in a thin plastic inside the box. When I travel I have a small bottle that I have been using for 25 years that contained a sample amount of liquid neutrogena but that I now fill with Dr. Bronner’s which unfortunately only comes in a plastic squeeze bottle, but I buy the biggest one and it lasts me for years.

    Jane on

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