What Do You Use to Wash Your Face?

92% of women use facial cleansers on a daily basis, and the overwhelming majority come packaged in plastic. 


We'd love to change that, but we need your help!

So tell us, what's your daily cleansing routine? And what would it take for you to try something new?

Let us know - comment below - together we can turn this plastic tide around! 

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  • I wash my face with bar soap, no particular brand, but usually does not contain unpronounceable chemicals or palm oil. I do use a moisturizer, packaged in a plastic bottle, that lasts at least 6 months.

    Kathy Rossol on
  • I alternate between a gentle foaming cleanser or an apricot scrub facial cleanser, and yes they come in plastic. Would love it if they didn’t.

    Pat on
  • I currently use a cleanser that comes in a plastic pump bottle (CeraVe foaming cleanser). The formula of something like that would be hard to put into bar form, but I’d love something refillable. I’ve tried some of the Lush Naked bars, but they don’t work well for my skin.

    Karen on
  • I do not have a daily cleansing routine. Seriously. I rarely ever wash my face. That may sound nasty to some but unless I feel grimy from something, I don’t bother. Other than in my non-daily shower. I think it’s harmful to the skin to be constantly cleansing and washing away the natural oils. People say I look younger than I am so I’ll stick with my routine (or lack of). I do have a facial moisturizer that I love (Earth Science’s fragrance free Almond-Aloe moisturizer) and have been using for approx. 30 years but…..you guessed it, it does come in a plastic bottle. One bottle lasts 6+ months. I’d love to have an equally great moisturizer in different packaging but it would take a lot for me to switch. Keep coming up with innovative ideas.

    Jen on
  • I use a facial soap bar but it is too drying in the winter. I also have to use reusable cotton rounds to clean remaining residue (makeup etc).

    Marja Appleford on

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