Have a cool 'plastic-free' product idea keeping you up at night?

Welcome to the club!

This is your chance to bring that idea to life.  

No bad ideas, so dream BIG and help us - help you - make 20 new products in 2020.

Top idea wins a prize! Winner will receive an etee Hit Kit - a sampling of our top products!


By entering the contest (ie, adding a comment with a product idea) you agree to the contest rules.

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  • Plastic free laundry and dishwasher kit. Laundry strips and dishwasher packs that are plastic free.

    Paul on
  • I have been working at limiting the plastic in all aspects of life. I would really like to get a plastic free razor. All plastic free options right now are single blade razors. I would like something that is comparable to my plastic razor. I would also like to be able to order vitamins in plastic free containers.

    Amber Marion on
  • How about a plastic free snow brush to clean ice off your car?

    Stephen Reble on
  • I would love a plastic free bathroom pack. Toilet brush with stand with cleaner. Toilet paper and liquid hand soap. With refill packs available brush head should be replaceable so the entire brush doesn’t have to be replaced. If the brush holder had a slot for bowl cleaner tablets even better

    Mary Tuttle on
  • How about plastic free contact lenses?

    John on

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