Which Plastic Free packaging should we go with?

As you all know, etee loves feedback from our plastic-free community, and we need your help again.

We are re-developing the packaging of our bamboo toothbrushes and we're stuck in the middle with these two.




Do you like the concept of 'YOUR ______ OUR PLANET'? Is it too preachy for those who aren't so 'eco oriented'? Our goal with all our messaging is to connect, NOT divide, but we love how this ties to our name - Everything Touches Everything Else.

We would love your input! Please let us know your thoughts in the comments.

 Our Toothbrushes are one product among five others which make up our Happy tooth essentials kit, click here to check it out!


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  • I prefer A! but maybe make the small font just a little bigger :-)

    Ceilidh Yurenka on
  • B is better balanced. It would look even better if both “your” and “our” were in italic font. The message is not too preachy at all!

    Judith Burt on
  • A

    Audrey on
  • A

    For each type of packaging, the emphasis is on the product within. Making the product description the largest text emphasizes how this particular item is contributing to a plastic-free world.

    I like the ‘YOUR ______ OUR PLANET’ concept, since it shows how we collectively can make a difference by using our personal choices to enact global change.

    Tiffany on
  • B

    Johanne on

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