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No bad ideas, so dream BIG and help us - help you - make 20 new products in 2020.

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  • Non plastic dog poop bags.

    Kiyoshi Imai on
  • A pencil or marker or crayon that can write on your wraps to identify what’s inside without unwrapping it. It would also be ideal if this could work on glass jars and silicone to label what’s in them or the tare weight of them when buying in bulk. I have used paint pens, chalk markers or sharpies for glass jars or writing on stasher bags but none of these are very good for the environment. Maybe an easy wipe off crayon or fat pencil and one that is a bit more permanent for labeling jars in a cabinet. I also often label jars with that date when I make kombucha and people could used them for labeling when canning jams or jellies. I’m hopeful you can find a good solution using some of the ingredients you already use in your products. Thanks!

    Kate on
  • Handkerchiefs! And portable and at home holders. I’m trying to find old ones at thrift stores but haven’t come across many. I know people make hankies from scrap fabric but living alone I don’t have many old tshirts or a sewing machine. I actually like the white best because they just look like tissues.
    You can have portable holders to throw in a purse and at home refillable tissue boxes. I know these somewhat used to exist but bring them back.

    Kate on
  • -Sunscreen, especially face lotion with SPF
    -Moisturizer that isn’t greasy or funny-smelling

    Melissa Sutton-Seng on
  • I would like to see a plastic free spray bottle head or pump action for that matter. Yes, there are lots of plastic free bottles used for cleaning or whatever but they all still seem to have a “squirter” or spray top with the tube going into the bottle all in plastic. Maybe something is out there and I’m just missing it but if not, perhaps that’s something you could work towards. Thanks! Susan

    Susan on

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