IT’S GIVING TUESDAY - How Should we Give Back?

Hey all,

We believe we should give back - it's totally in line with our mission. Cash would be tough at this stage of our growth, but I'm sure there is so much more we could do. I'd love your suggestions. I'm thinking something that is in line with our goal of making 'PLASTIC FREE LIVING' accessible to EVERYONE. 

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“What about donating to a shelter. They are always in need of supplies. Why not help them go green as an added bonus.”
Patricia Underwood


Love this. 

So, in the New Year, we’ll be giving our local community shelters (we operate out of Parkdale in Toronto and there are a lot of shelters around here) everyday essentials like our toothbrushes, floss and dish soaps and we'll post results here. 

Thanks again for all the input team!


Giving Tuesday

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  • Is the soap dish ready to order?

    David (Duffer) on
  • Giving Tuesday is associated with money and non profits, why can’t this be changed to a “Giving Back” Tuesday? For instance sponsor a public outreach/community service event… I live next to the beach so beach clean ups are always popular.
    Adopt a roadway program?
    Then post pictures of giving back.
    Keeping the theme of ETEE by cleaning up the “E”

    Katy on
  • I want to start off by saying I LOVE your products and your ideas to make plastic-less products accessible to everyone and at an affordable price. I have signed up for my life time membership and my only suggestion would be to have a Canadian website in CAD funds for purchasing; I was kind of disappointed to find a Toronto based company with a US website in US funds.

    Mairi Fraser on
  • I love this so much! Perhaps some sort of pay-it-forward system? Recruit users to receive some sort of plastic free gift, under the requirement that they “pay it forward” as a different plastic-free gift to someone else. Follow their stories on social media to see where the line goes! Both free marketing and spreading plastic free living without breaking the bank!

    MS on
  • Our organization works with refugees and we heard of this a while back


    Christa Fletcher on

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