7 Ways Powder is Better Than Liquid

There was a time when powder laundry detergents were kind of sucky. Are you old enough to remember that? Ahem, I am. The old school powders didn’t quite dissolve and you’d end up with a clump mess on your clothes. 

But times—and powders—have changed! Hear me out.

1. Powders are more effective

Because powder detergents like the one made by etee have better cleaning mechanisms—thanks to biodegradable surfactants—they can get your clothes brighter and fresher.

2. Powders are more stable

Powders are more stable than their counterparts which means they keep their cleaning power longer. Liquids—which are made up of 70 to 80% percent water, get even further diluted when added to a wash cycle.

3. Powders don’t leave residue

You might notice that liquid detergents can leave a film or residue on your clothing, especially on sports apparel. That traps odour-causing bacteria and body oils in the folds and crooks of your fabric. Gross, right? Powder detergents don’t do that.

4. Powders lead to less waste 

The cardboard boxes or paper-based bags used to package your powders are either biodegradable or easily recyclable. You could argue that the plastic bottles for liquid are also recyclable but we all know that plastic are the least recycle containers. (To make matters worse, because liquids are made mostly of water, they’re bulkier and heavier to transport. That means more greenhouse gas emissions!)

5. Powders don’t use preservatives

Since liquid detergents are composed of mostly water, manufacturers have to add preservatives to extend their shelf life. The reverse is true of powders. No water = no preservatives!

6. Powders have a longer shelf life

Powders last forever and will never go rancid. Liquids? Even with preservatives, they can go off because of their water content.

7. Powders are less expensive

Because it’s more complicated to build a liquid detergent, that process leads to higher prices. Powders, on the other hand, are simple to produce and perfect for the thrift hound.

But wait! I’ve heard that some etee customers have commented about the higher price per load for the powder detergent. Well, that’s not true anymore. 

It turns out that folks used less—a teaspoon of detergent instead of a tablespoon—and got the same results: clean clothes. etee tested that out just to make sure and guess what? It worked!

To further the savings, etee also dropped the price of their powders to get the cost down to as little as $.17 per load. So grab your savings—and your cleaning power, folks!


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