Is Your Shampoo Causing a Reaction?

Contact dermatitis on your scalp. Maybe you’ve heard of this before? Maybe you’re experiencing it now? It’s a condition that manifests itself as an itchy, dry, red scalp, sometimes even blisters! It’s caused by an allergic reaction to a substance—like your shampoo. And it’s actually more common than we realize.

Fact: The signs of an allergy (or irritant reaction, for that matter) to shampoo can present like dandruff or psoriasis.

Fact: Contact dermatitis doesn’t happen immediately. It can take months, even years, for the exposure to build until blammo—you present with symptoms. 

Fact: Synthetic fragrances are the leading cause of irritation and contact dermatitis in beauty products, including shampoo. (The worst part is that the FDA doesn’t require companies to be transparent about fragrance ingredients so you really have no idea what’s in your shampoo!)

Fact: The dyes and colours in shampoo come from petroleum or coal-tar sources. Though they are definitely more tightly regulated than fragrances, they can contribute to allergic reactions and other harmful health effects. 

Fact: Sulfates, one of the usual (and unhealthy) suspects in the beauty world can contribute to contact dermatitis too.

So what’s the solution? etee just released one!

After hearing from customers about reactions to a range of ingredients, etee took their beloved shampoo bar and reformulated it. Say hello to the fresh Nudie Pants Shampoo Bar! It’s free from plastic, scents, dyes, and sulfates but is still full of plant-based lathering goodness! And, as always, it won’t leave behind that sticky-icky residue that other shampoos do.

Are you ready for a stripped-down experience?



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