Sustainable INVESTING… A Win-Win You Should Learn More About!

Did you know that sustainable investing smashed records in 2020? 

Against all odds, $20.9 billion was invested in the first six months of 2020. That was close to equaling the amount of new money invested in ALL of 2019. 

It’s comforting to know more and more people are investing in companies that recognize the true value of people and the planet. And companies that solve the world’s biggest problems are also best positioned for growth and by default, healthy returns! Let’s just say it’s win win on all fronts!

After I read about the rise of sustainable investing, I became interested in the reasons behind it. Here are a few of the more interesting observations I gleaned:

  • The way that millennials spent and invested during the pandemic was vastly different from 2019. They represented the largest group of investors of ESGs. (The acronym stands for Environmental, Social, Governance—the three central factors used to measure the sustainability and societal impact of an investment in a company.)
  • COVID-19 and its societal effects have drastically altered social values. People across all age groups are now prioritizing investments with a conscience.
  • People are protecting their values now more than ever. According to this fascinating report by Schroders, most people won’t invest against their beliefs, even if returns could be higher. 
  • Sustainable investors—a whopping 46% of them—chose plastic reduction as their top portfolio priority when it came to sustainable investing. That was followed by climate change, community development, circular economy, and sustainable development goals.

That last point is significant, wouldn’t you say? We know you get it—after all, you do read our emails :)

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