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Citrus Sunshine Scented Liquid Soap Dishwashing Essentials

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Good soap consistency

I took one start because I didnt love the scent. But good soap! Does the job. I didnt love the sponge either.

Almost perfect.

I love love the soap and the dish cloths! They are amazing and get 5/5 stars. The dish soap works amazingly well on greasy dishes and I've been using so much less soap per dish.

The sponge (loffie?) on the other hand is a little strange, the scrubby side is oddly grippy when washing dishes and I don't feel like it's that good at getting some of the dried on food particles off the dishes. It's not my favorite sponge.

Great product!

For me, this product works as well as conventional, store-bought dish liquid. I'm happy to take another step toward being plastic free!

So great to hear, Heidi! Thanks for sharing.


Think that plastic-free dish washing is impossible? Think again! True to our name, etee's Plastic Free Club has got you covered with this ultimate Liquid Soap Dishwashing Essentials Kit!

These kits include equal numbers of Cellulose Dish Cloths, Loofie Scrubbers & our new Citrus Sunshine Scented Plastic-Free Liquid Dish Soap pods to keep your ongoing dish washing mission completely sorted!

The etee cellulose cleaning cloth is 100% natural and made of wood & cotton cellulose. Our Loofah Scrubbie (affectionately known as our "loofie") is a combination of the gentle scrubbing power of the fibrous loofah plant and the spongy cellulose-cotton dishcloth, which makes for reusable & biodegradable dish cleaning with absolutely no plastic. The wax-based pod makes 400 ML / 13.5 oz of our plant-based liquid dish soap concentrate - all of which is completely biodegradable. 

And how about some lemon limey citrus magic happening while you soap up
your dishes... sounds good right? We partnered up with local smell good guru Christine Chanter so we could bring some sunshine right to those dirty dishes. You can check out the nose behind our scent on her website 
or find her on Instagram and see some of her sniffy creations!

Plastic Free Club means Added Value  | In our retail shop, we'd sell each set for over $29, but by bundling this kit, we're able to offer you a discount of up to 31%!  Wowsers - plastic-free dish cleaning never looked so good!