Reusable Paper Towel Multi-Packs
Reusable Paper Towel Multi-Packs
Reusable Paper Towel Multi-Packs
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Reusable Paper Towel Multi-Packs

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Anna Riley
Great cloths!

I use these to clean my counters. They are great, and they dry super fast!

Bethany Gingerich
Great dishcloths!

I usually use handmade knitted dishcloths, but wanted to give these a try. I'm a convert! They are durable, absorbent & just the right size. But the best feature is how fast they dry! No more stinky, musty dishcloths!

Beth Cullen
Love these!

Your paper towel roll will last forever because you are going to reach for this “towel” instead. There is no residue left on the counter after a wipe, and they never seem to wear out, smell, or look old.

Lisa Overton
Cleaning cloths

I have used other companies cloths, but I think yours are much better. They are easy to rinse & squeeze the water out. Plus the seem to scrub well without feeling like they would fall apart.

Sabrina Perrin
Love these!

I find these far superior to regular washcloths as they seem to wick up the mess rather than spread it around. I just feel like the area I am cleaning gets more clean.


Don't let the name fool you, these are more than just dish cloths. They bad boys dry 10x faster than cotton, so they don't get stinky like other cloths do! They're great for dishes, but also a fantastic paper towel replacement. Our cellulose cloths are made of wood & cotton cellulose which makes them fully compostable, dishwasher & machine-wash safe and last for several months!  Less waste - totally plastic-free.

Plastic Free Club means Added Value  | In our retail shop, we'd sell cellulose dish cloths for $5 US a piece.  Over here at the Plastic Free Club, we've bundled them and dropped the price by nearly 30%.  Keep your family stocked or partner up with a friend and start saving our planet and your pocket book! 

How to Use & Care For Your Cellulose Cloths

Before your first use, rinse thoroughly under running water. Squeeze out excess water to increase absorbency. These guys are amazing for washing dishes (super gentle and spongy) - but they're super-hero powers don't stop there! They're amazing as paper towel replacements because they're super absorbent (1 Cellulose Cloth can replace over 17 rolls of conventional paper towel - no kidding!). They hold up to 15 times their weight - which is kind of bananas, if you ask me. They're great for cleaning all surfaces - particularly good at cleaning stainless steel appliances (I hate keeping those clean).

To clean, you can throw it on the top rack of your dishwasher, or in your washing machine. Don't tumble dry them though - that will make them sad :(. Just air dry them or reuse right away!


etee cellulose cloths are 100% natural, made of wood & cotton cellulose.