Unscented Liquid Dish Soap Concentrate Multi-Packs
Unscented Liquid Dish Soap Concentrate Multi-Packs
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Unscented Liquid Dish Soap Concentrate Multi-Packs

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Not Sure about the Pod
Scent of unscented dish soap
Great soap
Thank you so much Alisa!
Dish soap
Thank you for your feedback Jocelyn! We teamed up with a Canadian research company who are Canadian General Standards Board accredited, use standardized test methods, (in this case, ASTMs American Society for Testing and Materials) and specialize in the evaluation of Home Care and Institutional Cleaning products claims to test out our dish soap before we launched it to the public. The results were great! With them we compared our formulation to two commonly used plant based, eco-friendly liquid dish soaps that are on the retail market. (Our competitors’ products would remain confidential out of professional courtesy.) We tested two components of the dish soap - grease-cutting cleaning power and foam generation & stabilization. The results? The grease cutting cleaning power was equivalent to the other eco brands on the market, but the foaming was less so. It was through this test we learned that foam is not related to cleaning power, but is more connected to our perception of cleaning power. Even the two plant based comparative dish soaps use synthetic chemicals to achieve this extra foaming, adding to the perception that they clean better. It was a conscious decision to leave out the all too frequenly added SLS from our liquid dish soap concentrate, and focus solely on the cleaning power of our plant-based ingredients instead.
Trying to Convince my Husband
Hey Kimberly! Suds don't actually have anything to do with cleaning power, they're purely cosmetic. SLS (the ingredient that causes the suds) is also toxic to marine life. If the consistency is off a bit just give the jar a good shake to mix it well again :) We've gotten mixed reviews about the grease cutting abilities for sure, but we did actually have the soap tested alongside other popular eco brands and our soap was found to cut grease just as well! If you have particularly greasy dishes it works best if you apply the soap directly to the dish on a sponge instead of diluted in a sink full of water. Please be sure to let us know if we can help with anything else!

"I used a finished mrs Meyers bottle. I didn't say I swapped it out (with etee dish soap) and got rave reviews from my mom who thought I bought a new formula or something lol!" - Michelle S


Plastic-free dish soap? Say it ain't so!  etee's team of innovators have created a wax based pod that holds our concentrated dish soap so that you can wave goodbye to the plastic dish soap bottles in the grocery aisle - see ya later!

Each biodegradable pod holds our all-natural, bio-based concentrated dish soap and is made with 100% plant-based ingredients. Free from SLS, Phthalates, Sulphites, Sulphates, Synthetic Colourants or Fragrance.

Each soap pod makes 400 ml / 13.5 oz of dish soap.

Plastic Free Club means Added Value  | In our retail shop, a pack of 3 pods would cost $21 USD, but by bundling them together, we can offer our Plastic Free Club members a discount of 27%.  Wowsers - plastic-free dish cleaning never looked so good!

These plastic-free pods are handmade in our Toronto area shop, so you can trust that not only are our employees fairly treated, they're also free to goof it up from time to time. We kept it local with getting someone in the Toronto area to formulate our dish soap concentrate, too!

How to Make Your Plastic-Free Dish Soap

Simply fill a dispenser or jar with 375 ml (12.5 oz) of water. Rip open your pod of concentrated dish soap over the jar and squeeze the soap into the water. Stir the mixture, cover with a lid or cap and give the dispenser a good shake. Let it sit for an hour before first use. Dispose the pod in the compost or garbage (rest assured it'll biodegrade in either). Squirt some soap into your sink of water or onto a dish cloth and clean those dishes like a pro. Rinse any soap from your dishes using hot water and for best results dry them with a clean cloth after you're done. 


alcohol ethoxylate (plant-derived grease-cutting agent), polyglucoside (plant-derived cleaning agent), amine oxide (plant-derived cleaning agent), hydroxyethylcellulose (plant-derived viscosity modifier)




"Mine arrived in perfect shape. I used a few drops on a wet cloth to wash off lipstick on a glass. Wiped off easily. What I loved is unlike some of the leading dishsoaps I didn't need to rinse with a ton of water. Who want soap residues in their Pinot Grigio!" - Diane R

"We’ve been using the liquid soap now for a bit and this is what I think: Works REALLY WELL, like REALLY well: cleans up all the buttery/oily messes we’ve had so far without leaving any greasy residue; bubbles up nicely with the Swedish dish cloth/ luffa sponge (Also, I LOVE THIS SPONGE ITS AWESOME!!); Dispenses out of the spout well and doesn’t clog it up the way I was worried it would..."Annie B

"I've gotten to use the soap and scrubby a few times now. I used to fill my sink with water and squirt a bunch of soap in. In an effort to use less water, I switched to a plastic scrubby brush that you fill with soap. I found that the head needed frequent replacing and that I wasted a lot of soap which leaked out between uses. The etee soap has been a perfect solution. I find that it works great and you really only need a small amount... I'm hoping not to buy any other dish soap." - Jessica P