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Gently Minted Waxed Silk Dental Floss - 6 Refill Boxes (12 Spools)

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Moraig Macgillivray

Gently Minted Waxed Silk Dental Floss - 6 Refill Boxes (12 Spools)

Wanted to Like

I have several crowns on my molars in the back and they absolutely shred the silk floss. In fact, I had to go back in with synthetic floss to remove the pieces of silk that were now stuck between my teeth. I really want to use an alternative but this isn't strong enough.

Hey Gail,

Thank you for taking the time to leave us your thoughts. Our floss is different than the traditional floss, and has been described as having a 'learning curve' by our customers. In most cases, our customers have found a way to make the floss work for them & they love it more then traditional floss. However, this is not the case for everyone which is why we offer a 90 day guarantee for all our products. I will contact you directly to talk more about that. Please keep an eye on your email for my response :)

All the best,

Really like this dental floss

Really like this dental floss, it really gets rid of whatever is stuck between your teeth, it doesn't just slide on it like some do. It grips it out. Doesn't break easily either so good plus because my teeth are pretty tight together.

I love this floss!

This floss from etee is great! It’s strong and glides between my tightly spaced teeth without shredding! Highly recommended!

David Harvey
Great idea but breaks easily

I hadn't tried the silk floss for a couple of years, as I'd had issues previously. The issue remains with the product that the floss breaks very easily, which is frustrating. With the breakages, I end up using a lot more floss to complete the job.

Hello David,

Thank you for your feedback & I am sorry to hear about your experience with the floss. This product does have a learning curve because its not made of plastic like traditional floss. Most customer come around but it doesn't work for everyone. Just a reminder there is a 90 day guarantee to cover you if a product doesn't work for you. Please email our customer service team at info@shopetee.com to see how we can make this right :)

Your Floss | Our Planet

Team etee is big on keeping their chompers and the houses that they live in (ie their gums) healthy, so having a plastic-free floss option was a no-brainer.

Each spool contains 30 metres of our 100% pure mulberry silk, candelilla wax and natural peppermint oil floss (total of 60 metres of floss in each 2 spool box - that's 2/3 the length of a football field of floss!) So, let's get flossin' (and we ain't talkin' about that fancy dance all the kids are doing these days)!

Completely biodegradable & plastic-free floss comes in multiple ordering options.

Plastic Free Club means Added Value  | In our retail shop, we sell our Floss Refills for $10 a pack! Over here at the Plastic Free Club, we've put the floss in bulk and dropped the price by over 30%.  Keep your family's teeth & gums healthy with this biodegradable treat!

Dental Floss Deets - What You're Getting

  • 100% Mulberry Silk Floss = 30 metres per spool
  • 12 Refill Spools
  • Candelilla wax
  • Natural Peppermint Flavouring
  • 100% biodegradable cornstarch baggies
  • Paper boxes printed with soy-based inks

Laurie F "I was pleasantly surprised that not only is your dental floss more environmentally friendly it actually is now my favorite floss for texture and thickness and strength."