Scalp Care is the New Hair Care

Introducing the NEW Shampoo Bar, specially formulated for your scalp!

My name is Chantal and I’m follically challenged. There, I said it.

To be fair, I still have a reasonable amount of head coverage (thank dog for that) but I’m always actively working to keep as much hair there as possible. You can say I’ve done my research on how to keep my remaining strands happy.

Here are the four truths I’ve found to help keep what hair I have healthy!

1. You (and your hair) are what you eat.
Eating a balanced diet of protein-rich foods will keep your locks looking luscious. Don’t forget also to get vitamins B, C, E, iron and omega 3 in there too! If you can’t get all you need in your food, supplements that are formulated for hair, nail, skin growth are good helpers too!

2. Stay away from heat.
You probably know this already but blow drying and styling tools can make your hair dry and brittle. And that means breakage. So air dry if you can and if you must use a hot tool of some sort, use heat-protectant spray!

3. Trim it up.
Even though it feels counterproductive to cut your hair when you’re trying to lengthen and strengthen it, trims do keep your hair from breaking and getting shorter. Why? It was best described to me like this: “Split ends run up the hair fibre like a rip in pantyhose! Cut them off at the pass!”

4. Mind yo’ scalp.
Basically, your scalp is like the flower bed and soil from which your hair grows. So, to keep your head of hair healthy, you have to go to the root of many problems: the scalp. Having an itchy, dry, dandruff-y scalp is usually a sign that you’re not taking care of this little ecosystem properly. What to do? Turn to a specially formulated shampoo like…

etee’s NEW Concentrated Shampoo Bar!

This fresh bar is scientifically designed to include scalp-loving, dandruff-ridding ingredients. That means no irritants like SLS, parabens, phthalates, or sulfates. And, to sweeten the suds, it’s PH balanced for your hair and scented with a refreshing blend of tea tree, spearmint, and bergamot!


Yours in growth,
Chantal and the rest of the crew at etee

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