A natural Deodorant, without the pesky tube!

What memories or stories do these two letters bring to your mind… B…O?

I know, lol, you are probably thinking “What the heck Monique! I buried those memories deep inside!” TRUST ME, we ALL have body odour stories and pit stain tales. 

It’s challenging to find a natural deodorant that WORKS.  And we have the anecdotes to prove it!

Well… you guessed it. SEARCH NO MORE. Your quest has finally been realized. INTRODUCING…

etee deodorant

We are so thrilled to be launching our first version of our natural deodorant. And three lucky winners will get theirs on us.  

All you have to do is comment below with your BO / Pit stain story and you'll be entered into a draw to win*!

*winners will be contacted via email for shipping information.


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  • I hope your deodorant is aluminum free. I gave up aluminum laden deodorant a long time ago when I found out that it is linked to Alzheimer’s, which runs in my family. Aluminum is the antiperspirant, so I am used to uninhibited sweating. (That’s healthier anyway.) That being said, I try not to wear clothes that get drastically darker when wet, but sometimes it happens. I am a teacher and when I wear something that makes my sweat obvious I just lift my arms and exclaim to my students, “Look how hard I am working for you! You need to be working hard, too! Let’s go!” It gets a good laugh and gets them motivated.

    Hailey Fowler on
  • I started wearing deodorant in middle school and since I’ve looked for deodorants that didn’t stain my shirts, had clean ingredients, and was plastic free. In recent years I’ve been able to find deodorants with the first two, but never plastic free. BUT NOT FOR LONG! Goodbye plastic, hello fresh pits!

    Emmanuel Gomez on
  • I am sensitive to scented products so am hoping your deodorant will be scent free!

    Lori Ann Foley on
  • Love absolutely everything I have purchased from Etee. I’ve switched from a normal aluminium deodorant to an all natural one which I am putting on multiple times a day 😐. And yea it smells great but after a couple hours I do not! Plus it’s still in a plastic tube… So excited for this!

    Hana T on
  • This couldn’t have come @ a better time. I’ve just become allergic to ALL deodorants! UGH, reduced to using baby powder, which in the tropics is not the best solution.

    Maria Davies on

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