A natural Deodorant, without the pesky tube!

What memories or stories do these two letters bring to your mind… B…O?

I know, lol, you are probably thinking “What the heck Monique! I buried those memories deep inside!” TRUST ME, we ALL have body odour stories and pit stain tales. 

It’s challenging to find a natural deodorant that WORKS.  And we have the anecdotes to prove it!

Well… you guessed it. SEARCH NO MORE. Your quest has finally been realized. INTRODUCING…

etee deodorant

We are so thrilled to be launching our first version of our natural deodorant. And three lucky winners will get theirs on us.  

All you have to do is comment below with your BO / Pit stain story and you'll be entered into a draw to win*!

*winners will be contacted via email for shipping information.


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  • With “normal” deodorants/antiperspirants that contain aluminum, I never stay dry and I have ugly yellow stains on my clothes. With natural deodorants, I don’t stink but my underarms break out. I’m looking for that perfect deodorant that keeps me smelling fresh and is gentle in my sensitive skin. Plus plastic free!

    Kate on
  • So excited to hear about this and am looking forward to trying it !!! Especially with etee’s usual plastic free packaging. I have too many stories to tell about this issue, all wrapped up in family dynamics. I will not elaborate further but suffice it to say that many a favourite shirt did not last !!!

    Nathalie Choquette on
  • I think I have the world’s most adaptable stink bacteria. Seriously, y’all, somebody should do a study, because it doesn’t matter WHAT deodorant or antiperspirant I’ve tried, natural, unnatural, brewed and baked in top secret labs, or guaranteed never to fail, if it works at all (which it often doesn’t) it will work about 2 months tops and then have an epic fail, usually when I’m giving a presentation or locked in a room with a bunch of strangers. (That used to happen, right?) I also learned the hard way, as in having to keep my arms away from my body at all times while this horrible rash heals way, that baking soda in deodorant is a huge no go for my delicate skin. Ironic, my SKIN can’t handle whatever the natural deodorant companies throw at me, but my pit bacteria sure can. They slam it back and demand one for the road, partying into all hours of the night like rowdy soccer hooligans. Nothing like waking up stinking after going to bed clean and wearing deodorant. :/ If you guys can defeat this super strain all without the evils of baking soda and plastic waste to boot? You deserve some award for biochemistry. Heck, I’ll nominate you, myself!

    Bramble Riverstone on
  • I used to have a top that I loved. It was one of my favorite tops ever. Unfortunately, it had lots of bling sewn on (back in the day when bling was a thing), so it could only be washed in cold water on the delicate cycle. Eventually, I noticed that I seemed to have BO when I wore that top but only that top. I smelled the arm pits and nearly chocked. The cold water was not getting out the smell. I had to get of it. It was a sad day for me. I wish I had been using a natural deodorant back then as I am now. Although I really like my deodorant, it is wrapped in a plastic dispenser. I would love to have a natural deodorant in a non-plastic container.

    Meg Kadlec on
  • I’ve only recently started to take apart my remaining deodorant holders to recycle the plastic bits, and have had no luck with natural deodorants. I had to switch to “clinical strength” during those few months teaching my daughter had to drive…when I got out of the car after each session, not only were my arms and legs sore from imaginary braking and steering, but my armpits were drenched! During the few weeks this summer I was able to attend group classes at my gym (sadly, just paused my membership again due to high numbers in my community), I was also very aware that my deodorant was not cutting it, and just tried to make sure I was downwind of the other members! Fingers crossed for this new product!

    Leah on

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