A natural Deodorant, without the pesky tube!

What memories or stories do these two letters bring to your mind… B…O?

I know, lol, you are probably thinking “What the heck Monique! I buried those memories deep inside!” TRUST ME, we ALL have body odour stories and pit stain tales. 

It’s challenging to find a natural deodorant that WORKS.  And we have the anecdotes to prove it!

Well… you guessed it. SEARCH NO MORE. Your quest has finally been realized. INTRODUCING…

etee deodorant

We are so thrilled to be launching our first version of our natural deodorant. And three lucky winners will get theirs on us.  

All you have to do is comment below with your BO / Pit stain story and you'll be entered into a draw to win*!

*winners will be contacted via email for shipping information.


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  • Super excited to hear this! I am on a journey to find the perfect pit purger! It is a challenge to find something that doesn’t irritate the skin, or literally stops right in the middle of your workout. I teach fitness classes all day and although I am willing to reapply my natural deodorant during the day, I would LOVE to find something that can handle all of “me”. I don’t want to be worried to raise my arms in my yoga classes that I may cause I total fallout!

    Kathi on
  • The first time I tried a natural deodorant it was a noxious failure! I thought a skunk had died under my arms. Years later, I came across a product that is designed to “detox” the pits from years of aluminum based deodorants so that a natural deodorant can work. And promptly broke out in a rash with the next natural deodorant. So I tried a different brand, and the dead skunks were back! I have some trepidation about trying again. But I’m willing!

    Sondra Kahler on

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