Chewpaste Giveaway!

Hey team,

You know the drill, just put your answers in the comments below for your chance to win a 'smile care' gift set.  It includes

  1. 1 month's supply of chewpaste
  2. 1 bamboo toothbrush (with removeable head)
  3. 1 glass jar and two spools of floss

Here's the question: 

What is your biggest challenge in staying plastic free during COVID?

We'll pick 3 answers and get in touch about the prize.

Have an awesome day!

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  • I love your products
    So good for the Planet with no waste
    The products are so great and I love using them
    I just wish you were in the UK and I did not have to pay shipping on the goods
    But I will keep on using them anyway

    Emily Hewitson-Townley on
  • I’m hating that I can’t use reusable bags at the grocery store or to get coffee to go. I cut way back on how much coffee I buy but sometimes its really just the treat I want to help get through the day and I cringe when I throw the cup away at the end.

    Sarah on
  • Definitely all of the extra planning involved! I work at a hospital and pre-CoViD-19, I could pop over the cafeteria to borrow utensils for my lunch. But now, due to the CoViD-19 crisis, these types of items have been replaced with single use plastic versions. I now have to remember to bring my own utensils from home, but also a means to transport them when I’m done to reduce the risk of transmission of hospital germs to my home.

    Adam on
  • I found that it was darn near impossible to avoid plastic when I had to switch from eating mainly fresh to frozen produce during the initial weeks of Covid-19 stay-at-home orders. The interruptions in the food supply chain combined with all of the panic buying drastically reduced the stock in grocery stores in my area, and I switched to shopping every two weeks instead of weekly. In addition, I live in a small condo with a galley kitchen, meaning that stashing a little extra emergency food is doable, but that amassing a doomsday supply of non-perishables is out of the question.

    Things are better for the time being, and I am fortunate to live adjacent to a farm offering weekly produce boxes during the growing season, which is helping me reduce my reliance on plastic-packaged fruits and veggies.

    Jess on
  • My biggest challenge staying plastic free through Covid-19 is my husband is doing all the shopping. I’m asthmatic so Dan does all the grocery shopping. I can’t get him to use my mesh produce bags and he buys lettuce in plastic. I’m so grateful he’s going out and taking care of the food shopping but I’m ending up with a lot of extra plastic.

    Kim A Dixon on

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