Chewpaste Giveaway!

Hey team,

You know the drill, just put your answers in the comments below for your chance to win a 'smile care' gift set.  It includes

  1. 1 month's supply of chewpaste
  2. 1 bamboo toothbrush (with removeable head)
  3. 1 glass jar and two spools of floss

Here's the question: 

What is your biggest challenge in staying plastic free during COVID?

We'll pick 3 answers and get in touch about the prize.

Have an awesome day!

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  • I agree with others that the amount of waste seems to have risen everywhere, with bags at stores, takeout containers, etc. and everyone feels that there’s not much that can be done at this point – a step backwards.

    Amy on
  • My biggest challenge to going plastic free is in the grocery stores where organic food is already packaged in plastic! Sweet potatoes are big enough that I could put them into my cart one by one, put them all on the scale and then back into my cart until I get to the car. Here they can go into a bag or box,

    Carolyn Heil on
  • I wish I had been as clever as one of the other commenters. I was very upset that I was not allowed to use my own bags at the grocery store over the past 2 1/2 months. I never thpught to put my things back in my cart and make the transfer to my own bags in my car. Consequently I now have more plastic bags in my possession than I have had in the past year or more. I feel so guilty and frustrated about it. I will just have to start all over again with a more careful and concientous approach.

    Barbara Higgs on
  • In addition to the struggles I’m seeing everyone else having (not being allowed to bring reusable bags, cups, etc.), I’m also disappointed in finding farmer’s markets to be accessible during this time. Here, some have gone online, others have reduced hours. I was really looking forward to supporting local and stocking up on honey (which I have a hard time finding not in plastic at the grocery store). While online is a great idea, it also produces shipping waste which I’d rather avoid.

    Tabitha Nickerson on
  • Sounds like most of us have had the same challenge! None of my local stores allow personal bags. However, my brain finally caught up and I discovered that I can repack my groceries into the basket, take them outside, and load them into my bicycle paniers or reusable grocery bags.

    Kristina Ketelsen on

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