Chewpaste Giveaway!

Hey team,

You know the drill, just put your answers in the comments below for your chance to win a 'smile care' gift set.  It includes

  1. 1 month's supply of chewpaste
  2. 1 bamboo toothbrush (with removeable head)
  3. 1 glass jar and two spools of floss

Here's the question: 

What is your biggest challenge in staying plastic free during COVID?

We'll pick 3 answers and get in touch about the prize.

Have an awesome day!

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  • Plastic-free COVID challenges:

    1. Not being able to shop with my reusable bags
    2. Too many takeout corners
    3. Getting things delivered (inevitably in excessive packaging)
    4. Bulk aisles being closed (meaning not being able to buy in bulk in plastic-free containers)
    5. Farmers’ markets being closed (which usually helps staying plastic-free)
    6. Having to use masks — probably with some synthetic/plastic materials therein

    Sophie on
  • Take out containers and bags they come in, increased use of plastic gloves/gowns/faceshields/goggles for work (I work in a nursing home as a Physical Therapist), and some grocery stores weren’t allowing for personal reusable bags.

    Valery Notaro on
  • Restaurant takeout and delivery packaging has been the biggest challenge to plastic free during the pandemic. I live in a very small tourist town and we were on total lockdown. We wanted and needed to support all of our local restaurants and business to help keep them afloat during this time. We were very happy to see that most of the packaging was recyclable!

    MIchelle on
  • The packing that has come with take-out. I want to support local businesses and restaurants, but since they are not open for dine-in, carry out is the only way to support them. Unfortunately, this opens up the opportunity for a lot of packaging :/

    Tania on
  • All the waste from packaging when I had to order items from Amazon etc as many stores were closed was driving me crazy! Not to mention the fact that certain places sent each item I ordered in a separate package!

    Sarah on

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