Chewpaste Giveaway!

Hey team,

You know the drill, just put your answers in the comments below for your chance to win a 'smile care' gift set.  It includes

  1. 1 month's supply of chewpaste
  2. 1 bamboo toothbrush (with removeable head)
  3. 1 glass jar and two spools of floss

Here's the question: 

What is your biggest challenge in staying plastic free during COVID?

We'll pick 3 answers and get in touch about the prize.

Have an awesome day!

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  • All of the chew toothpaste that currently exist omits fluoride as part of their ingredient list. Unfortunately for me, I need fluoride as I am prone to getting cavities. If you could make a chew toothpaste version with fluoride, I would LOVE to switch over. Until then, I will need to continue purchasing generic toothpaste in plastic containers.

    Nafiri K. on
  • Plastic free Laundry and Grocery Shopping!

    I know you asked for one, but I couldn’t decide between these two!

    I have a fabulous selection of muslin produce bags, glass jars and my trusty grocery bins that live in my car for all of our grocery trips (even unplanned ones!) Due to Covid, they cannot be used (I totally get why) but I detest all of the plastic bags I am generating.

    Plastic free laundry – Tru Earth laundry strips have become my fav, but going to multiple stores has been out of the question. I have purchased the big Eco-Max laundry detergent containers in a pinch to tied me over while I await my Tru-Earth delivery. Canada Post is going its best to keep up…. but, 4 weeks is too long to go between laundry cycles (even for me!)

    Thanks for everything you are doing! My etee bags and wraps are amazing!

    Maura Doyle on
  • Shipping delays and money being short are making it difficult to choose the plastic free or low plastic retailers I usually would, and I’m having to go with more standard brands due to availability and being able to get them pretty much anywhere. Trying to shift to some homemade or bulk options where I can to make up the difference.

    Danny on
  • Impossible to find hand sanitizer except in plastic containers, no matter the size.

    Gregory Thuotte on
  • Plastic shopping bags! Not only aren’t they allowing us to bring in reusable bags, the grocery store plastic bag recycling is closed until further notice. Also we have had to shop at a different store than normal and it increased packaging. I’ve felt sad having to buy and use so much plastic again.

    Karen Henery on

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