Should We Use Compostable Stickers?

Thanks for your input.  So here are the questions I was hoping you could answer in the comments below.  
  1. If you removed a lip balm cap sticker what would you do with it? (And let's assume you didn't know it was compostable, because it's hard to make it obvious that it is).
    • put it in the garbage?
    • put in in your commercial compost bin (and do you even have access to a commercial compost bin because you can't compost these in your backyard)?
  2. If you were us would you?
    • buy the cheaper plastic stickers?
    • buy the compostable plastic stickers (note: paper stickers usually have plastic reinforcements)
    • Stop stickering altogether, because what's the likelihood that someone will 'tamper' with the lip balm while it's being shipped from us to you?

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And here's a little video if you'd like more background.



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  • I’d skip the sticker.

    Kathy on
  • Question 1: I would put it in the garbage

    Question 2: If I were you I’d stop snickering altogether because it is absolutely unnecessary. However if you have to choose, choose the compostable sticker.

    Davena Bagnall on
  • My husband really likes and uses the lip balm.
    1. Being that we live overseas in an underdeveloped country, and when in the States we do not live in places that have a commercial compost bin, I must throw the lip balm cap sticker away.
    2. It seems that in my situation, not using a sticker at all (as long as the lids continue to be a tight fit), would be the best option. Even when the tube is almost finished there is still a tight fit on the lid, so is a sticker necessary??

    Carol on
  • Yes. No….. what was the question?
    If a sticker is required please use comm. compostable. My first answer is this:
    1. Philosophically, encourage production of recyclable/ compostable items. Which, in turn, may encourage a better system altogether
    2. Do not encourage more plastic production.

    That said, my son works in the manufacturing industry and and has seen one of, maybe, two incinerators working in the US that produces clean energy. A certain amount of plastics makes it work better. Maybe were going in that direction…..
    If its not needed, skip it.

    Nanette Johnston on
  • No sticker!!! At all! No need!
    I love the balm and I will love it more without the sticker. Hard to tamper with it in the mail!

    Maria on

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